Here’s Your First Look At Ruby Rose In Full, Badass ‘Batwoman’ Mode

Ruby Rose is the CW‘s Batwoman. This much we already know to be true. And while the planned standalone series isn’t set to hit TV screens until the second half of next year, today we’ve got our first look at Australia’s very own in the full Caped Crusader getup. Frankly? She looks incredibly badass.

[jwplayer PGBzGAO6]

The CW released the first look at Rose in the Batwoman costume ahead of a planned series of crossover episodes with their pre-existing DC Comics shows, which will introduce Rose and Batwoman to the network’s extended DC Universe.

No point messing around any long. Cop a bloody look at it.


Rose landed the role of Kate Kane a few months back, celebrating the plum gig in an Instagram post in August, stating how proud she was to be able to represent the character for the LGBTQI community.

The Bat is out of the bag and I am beyond thrilled and honoured. I’m also an emotional wreck.. because this is a childhood dream. This is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community who never felt represented on TV and felt alone and different.

However, backlash from the usual suspects following her casting forced Rose to remove herself from social media.

The official log-line for the upcoming series describes Kane as “an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city’s criminal resurgence.” Hell yeah.

Kate Kane and Batwoman are set to be introduced to TV screens via a crossover event with Arrow, which is planned to go to air on December 10th. This is part of a broader, three-episode crossover event involving Supergirl and The Flash as well.

There’s no word just yet on when the crossover episodes, or the Batwoman standalone series, will air on Australian TV.