Ruby Rose Ended Up In A Deserted Hungarian Hospital W/ Earplug Lodged In Her Ear

While shooting on location in Budapest, Hungary, Ruby Rose had to be admitted to hospital, after getting an earplug lodged into her ear canal.

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Rose appeared to end up in hospital because she was wearing the earplugs while filming a scene involving loud noises.

In a series of Instagram Stories yesterday, Rose explained how: “I have a silicone ear plug inside my damn brain and I think this is the scariest hospital I’ve ever seen.

If you never see me again, I hope my organs went to wonderful people,” she overlaid on top of an image of a vacant hospital reception.

As well as posting a discomfiting video to herself walking into a very empty hospital, she wrote: “I’ve had a couple co-stars end up in hospital because of ear plugs from films with gunfire and other loud noises (that) ended up being lodged in their ear canals. I always made fun of them … I will never make fun of them again!

Image source: Instagram / @rubyrose. 

Ultimately “It took over an hour, three doctors and a lot of screaming, crying and fainting to remove what had become glue around my ear drum BUT THEY DID IT.

She lastly wrote about how the scary hospital she’d described earlier was actually  “one of the better Hospitals in Hungary“.

So she did some research: “I found myself reading up on the health care system…” she wrote, then shared a range of articles describing the state of the healthcare system in the central European nation, and folks, it looks real bad.

I’m looking for ways to help in any small way. DM if you have info on that. Because from the research we did it’s more complex than it should be.

Last month, Rose’s ex Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas called her out for “harassment” in the comments to an Instagram post.

Rose had commented “Congratulations, so happy for you both,” on a snap of Origliasso and her new bae Kai Carlton.

Origliasso replied:

I have requested you not contact me for over four months now. You have been given my grace of being ignored on every other private platform, so the fact you continue to ignore this to contact me here publicly under the guise of wishing me well, is continued harassment.

Comments have since been switched off on the post, but luckily we screengrabbed them earlier.

Image source: Instagram / @jessicaveronica.

But Rose has defended herself, writing: “That is news to me. Copy that. Good vibes only.

Image source: Instagram / @jessicaveronica.