A Love Island Star Says A Convo W/ Margot Robbie About Micropenises Landed Him A Role In Barbie

Landing a role in Barbie is a pretty big deal. And for the lucky actors in the smash-hit film, acting alongside megastars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is a dream come true. While you’d think it’s an opportunity that would come after a heap of auditions and potentially some industry connections, it turns out that all you had to do is have a chat with Margot about micropenises and stretchy ballsacks.

Thankfully, this was an unseen opportunity that Love Island UK star Chris Taylor took with both hands… or should I say one?

After somehow winding up in a conversation at a party with the Barbie producer, Chris decided to talk weenies.

“So I went down the route of telling her about my mate who’s got a micropenis,” he told OK! Magazine.

“I informed her of that, and we had a little chat about micropenises, which was lovely and quite funny. And then I went on to tell her about my dad’s mate whose balls are so big, he can carry 12 bottles of Budweiser on his ballsack like a tray.

“I just pulled out the big guns, I thought I’ve got to make an impression and that’s what came out of my mouth… unfortunately.”

If this sounds like it’s too wild to be true, one time my mate kept bragging about his huge scrote until I finally caved and asked him to prove it. After a cheeky peek at his sack in a train station bathroom, I can confirm, he does indeed have giant fkn gonads that I genuinely could balance at least six bottles of Budweiser if he stretched out his sack like old mate’s dad.

Anyway, although Chris and Margot’s chat seems like the type of interaction that would have me spiraling and unable to sleep at 3 am, it seems like it worked in Chris’ favour. Not long after, Margot, who is also a huge Love Island UK fan, reached out to him about whether he’d be interested in playing a part in the film.

Who knew it was that easy? Now I’m regretting not mentioning my labia in my interview with her. I could’ve been in the sequel.

(Image Source: Getty Images / Karwai Tang)

Chris became one of the many Kens in the Barbie world alongside Ryan Gosling, Ncuti Gatwa and Ben Kingsley. He spoke to Cosmopolitan UK about how comfortable Ncuti made him feel on set.

“I met him when I did my fitting and I was really surprised he knew who I was. He’d watched Love Island and said really nice things, including that I should have won,” Chris told the publication.

“He was just super easy to get on with, made me feel really at home and comfortable because he knew I’m not an actor.”

Isn’t it just the best when a celeb who you think would be super nice actually turns out to be super nice?

Anyway, if I get in trouble for trying to talk about wangs in my next celeb interview, you can blame Chris Taylor and Margot Robbie.

(Image Source: Getty Images / Matt Jelonek)