Monique Reckons Abbie Would Be Donezo If Bachie Matt Found Out What She’s Said About Him


I’m just going to go ahead and assume you’re fully caught up on the Great Dog Cunt Saga of 2019, and get straight into it. Monique Morely has dished the drama to PEDESTRIAN.TV after her exit from The Bachelor. Prepare thyself for some spice.

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Monique threw it back to the discussion at the pool – where it all started – and said she had just been having some banter with Rachel. 

“Rachel is someone I can have funny, bogan Australian banter with and that’s why I have it with her and her only so it can’t be taken out of context.”

Monique said a “discussion had happened and then Rachel and I went off and had a bit of a laugh.”

“Comments were overheard and used in a way that would get me out of the mansion.”

But Monique said she had just been speaking “bogan” when the whole C U Next Tuesday debacle kicked off.

“I don’t remember dumb things I say as a joke because it’s not coming from my heart,” Monique said. “It’s not coming from how I actually feel so the way that I addressed all the girls about Matt is actually how I felt.”

PTV: Why didn’t you just tell Matt it was a joke?

M: In my mind, the way I was speaking about Matt to everyone was not saying that he was a disrespectful pig and the rest of it. So when he said to me, you’ve been calling me all these things, I was like ‘No I’m not.’ I’m not.

I wasn’t even putting two and two together of where it might’ve come from. It was a joke that was said at a pool in my Trent From Punchy accent. So that’s why I was so shocked and then Abbie came over and I was like ‘Of course.’ The mass-manipulator liar of the house. Of course.

PTV: Do you think Abbie is the ‘true villain’ of the season? 

M: She is very calculated. She is very good at manipulating people and I think she puts on a colourful show. At the end of the day, she got one over me so that’s absolutely fine. If he’s into her then he’s not going to be into me so I didn’t want to waste his time and I didn’t want to waste my time.”

PTV: How did Abbie act in the house when Matt wasn’t around?

M: There were many comments that she said in the house that if Matt knew about it, she wouldn’t be there a day longer.

M: And I’m not going to repeat it because it’s too personal but yeah look, I just thought, ‘Wow, you are so fake.’ And then she says she doesn’t want kids and then tells Matt she wants kids. It’s laughable.”

PTV: What was it like when Abbie brought Matt over at the cocktail party?

M: It was torture. It was just the worst. I just thought ‘I didn’t really need this.’ I had time with Matt, I feel like he got a hold of who I was as a person so I just backed down. Like you know exactly what I’m like so take it or leave it.”

PTV: Now that time has passed, how do you feel about Abbie? 

M: I don’t like her obviously. I think less of her than I did in the house. After the [Wednesday’s] rose ceremony, she was like to me ‘I’m so glad you’re here. Mon, I really wanted you to stay’ and then you know, two seconds later on camera, ‘I wish she was gone’. I just don’t need that in my life.”

PTV: Have you spoken to her since?

M: Not on a Bachelor level. I just said “Hey look, we’re all going through a crazy time in the media so reach out if you need anything.”

PTV: Who do you think Matt will choose?

M: I think Abbie will end up with Matt in the end but who knows. I just think she’s such a good manipulator.


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