It’s episode three folks, and we’ve fully descended into Batshit Bachie territory – well, on TV at least. In last night’s episode of The Bachelor, after Nichole walked out on the cocktail party, we said goodbye to Jessica, Jessie, and Renee. 

“I was absolutely petrified going in,” Jessica Brody told PEDESTRIAN.TV, and you can’t blame her. The makeup artist made her entrance in episode 2 as one of the ‘new girls’.

“There was a lot of tension [between the new and original contestants], there was definitely a division during the first three or four days – especially after the cocktail party,” she shared. “It was quite divided.”

But by the second cocktail party, things had absolutely calmed down.

“Some of my best friends today are the original girls,” Jess shared, saying she speaks to queen Vakoo “all day, every day.”

Jessica also said that the whole beef between Monique and Nichole “wasn’t as bad as it looked like on TV.”

On the off chance you’ve obliterated last night’s episode of Bachie from your mind, then here it is in a sentence or two or three / a paragraph. The new girls took on the original girls in a friendly game of footy. Monique (sporty girl) really got into it as did Nichole (Bachie 2019’s OG sporty girl). Two sporty girls on the same show? SACRILEGE. And then Monique copped a single / adrenaline-filled single date with Matt. Nichole lost it and stormed out of the cocktail party because ‘fuck this shit’ or something along those lines.

“When you’re at a cocktail party, tensions are really high and that can bring out the worst in you,” Jessica said, which we’re quite sure has to explain Nichole’s batshit behaviour.

“All the women in there are absolutely amazing and really, really intelligent women,” she continued. “I know we’re supposed to be focusing a lot on the drama but I would love it if people would delve a little deeper into who these women really are. ”

The Bachelor continues 7.30 tonight on Channel 10. Prepare yourselves for the classic photoshoot sesh.

Image: Instagram / @jessica_brody