The Bachelorette announcement of sisters Elly and Becky Miles has received mixed reviews – some fans are keen as mustard about the fresh two-Bachie situation, while others wanted to see some diversity from the franchise.

Now, there’s another spicy lil’ controversy brewing. Apparently Becky Miles ditched her boyfriend to be on the show.

When we say ditched, we mean DITCHED. The info comes from Hughesy and Ed co-host Ed Kavalee. Who knows how he got the tea, but here we are. He said on air that the messaging Channel 10 has been sending out about Becky, that she recently had her heart broken, is bullshit.

“The person that she was with found out she was doing this show from the press,” he said.

AAAAAHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK. Hughesy even got him to elaborate and it’s not even like her ex found out about her being the new Bachelorette AFTER they split. That WAS the split.

“So he thought he was in a relationship with the older sister and he’s found out that he’s no longer in a relationship with her when he saw the press release that she was on The Bachelorette?” Hughesy asked.

“Yes,” Ed responded.

You guys, I can’t. The longer story according to Ed is that “people deep in reality TV” told him the original plan was to just have Elly Miles, Becky’s sister and ex contestant on last year’s The Bachelor, as The Bachelorette.

“It’s then been brought up, ‘What about the sister? Let’s try.’ So then behind the scenes she (Becky) gets across the line and then goes (to her boyfriend), ‘You’re out!’”

!!!!!! This is too much for me at 9am in the morning. Ed reckons Becky’s ex was “devastated” by the news.

Honestly you never know what’s true with this kind of gossip, and I’m sure there’s another side to the story on Becky’s end too. She so far hasn’t commented on it, nor has Channel 10.

Image: Instagram / @ellymiles