Becky Miles Fires Back At Ed Kavalee’s Claim That She Dumped Her Ex So She Could Be On Bachie

Becky Miles, who shares the title of 2020 Bachelorette with her sister Elly Miles, has vehemently denied claims that she dumped her ex-boyfriend to appear on the show, as first circulated by radio host Ed Kavalee.

Speaking to Woman’s Day, the older sister of the two hit back at the rumour, claiming she wasn’t in a relationship, but had been casually dating someone before she started filming the show.

“I wasn’t in a relationship when I signed on to this, I can tell you that! I was casually dating someone before the show, which was for a short amount of time,” she told the publication.

“When I told him about this opportunity I tried to be honest as possible and we left on a good note.”

Becky went on to say she had been in a relationship last year, but then found out he “was mucking around,” so she called it off.

“I fell in love with this guy two months before I was leaving for a holiday. He flew over and came to see us at the end of our travels and we spent about a month together,” she explained.

“But when we came home, a month or two afterwards I found out through friends he was mucking around on me,” she added.

The spicy claim came about last month when radio host Ed Kavalee said Becky had been in a relationship, but she ended it so she could be the Bachelorette.

“The person that she was with found out she was doing this show from the press,” he said on the Hughesy and Ed show.

His co-host Dave Hughes asked: “He thought he was in a relationship with the older sister and he’s found out that he’s no longer in a relationship with her when he saw the press release that she was on The Bachelorette?”

“Yes,” Ed said before claiming he was told the rumour about Becky Miles by “people deep in reality TV.”

“Elly got in first. It’s then been brought up, ‘What about the sister? Let’s try.’ So then behind the scenes, she [Becky] gets across the line and then goes [to her boyfriend], ‘You’re out!’”

Well, that’s that then.