It’s ‘Bachelor’ Not ‘Babies’ In Paradise: Two ‘Bachies Could Totes Be Pregs

Not going to lie: we froth on the possibility of a Babies in Paradise franchise.

In fact, we straight-up encourage it as a surefire ratings win for Channel 10.

Let’s discard the frankly ridic idea that the Bachelor in Paradise bombshells aren’t trying to badoink-a-doink each other like condoms are free and STIs are only a thing for ugly people.

So now that we have established that the contestants are getting it on like Donkey Kong, it’s time to discuss the possible outcomes of coital bliss: procreation. Mmmhmm, one – or *gasp* TWO – Bachie babes may be working on their Bachie broods.

So NW, reputed source of legit news, has an insider because ofc they do. “Everyone is freaking out behind the scenes,” says the mysterious insider. “Although no one has officially confirmed the news, a friend from the show has let it slip that someone is expecting. It’s like Chinese whispers right now among the cast – someone has even claimed there are two pregnancies!

Okay so this rumour works on the theoretical basis that many people may be pregnant at any time, in that any menstruating person could hypothetically be with child. Like, you could accuse literally anyone with a well-functioning uterus of maybe being pregnant, and have to provide zero proof, because, hey, they could be. I could be too, but I sure as shit hope not.

Last month, before the series had even made it to air, Kyle and Jackie O, put the rampant pregnancy speculation in the oven, when Sandilands asked O/Henderson if someone got pregnant on the show or after filming?

Either someone is pregnant now after leaving Paradise and after filming the show in Fiji or it comes out that someone gets pregnant on the actual show – we don’t know!

Goddamn, so conclusive, wow.

NW also added that they had spoken to Laurina Fleure, Keira Maguire or Elora Murger (which one who knows does it matter), and at least one of them is keen on bbz:

I do want children as I think it is what we are made to do, what we are on this planet for as women.

I think a kid comes with love, it is the next step when you are in love and it just happens.”

Because we are people of journalistic rigour, we had a cursory peruse of all three gals’ Instas – no dead giveaway preggo bumps as yet, just plenty of ‘Could I be pregnant with this rig?’ swimwear/activewear shots.

Important, totally real and legit Bachelor in Paradise updates as they come, folks.