That entire first episode of The Bachelor was a shit ton more entertaining than anything that happened in Richie/Matty J’s season and we’re all heckin’ here for it. Twitter tonight was a beautiful place. For one hour we forgot about bullshit politicians and had a quality laff at how good Channel 10 is at picking out real winners. If Alisha could live-tweet the night that would be great, she practically narrated episode one.

Before anything, if you haven’t given our fabulous recap a spin then you can do so, below.

And now to the People’s Twitters:

On the Sophie x Cat drama

Quick reminder: Cat from Bali-butBrisbane said her ex and Sophie were getting it on a few weeks before filming begun – wow, so bad, two single people hooking up – must confront Sophie.

Sophie’s fully like ‘mate, piss off it’s episode one’ as the rest of Australia agrees Cat needs to plug her jewellery label and leave.


Cass, Cass, Cass

I mean, I honestly don’t know how to summarise Cass so straight to the tweets:

This GIF was used about a gazillion times:


The girl that jumped into the pool

I don’t even know her name but Jesus Christ what the hell.

The Rose Ceremony

Literally just:

And Cass hugging the Honey Badger for TOO LONG.

Vanessa Sunshine

I love her – she’ll probably leave the mansion of her own free will halfway through the season.

The Honey Badger and Brooke

I mean ~ the music played when they were together so that says enough.

Brooke’s the huge rugby/AFL (???) fan that also copped the Bachelor Pad key and the first rose sooooooooooooooooooooo if you scored Brooke’s name in the office sweepstakes you’re set.

In conclusion:


It continues 7.30 tomorrow, Channel 10. 

Special mention:

Image: Channel 10