Channel Ten Are Apparently Looking Into A ‘Bachelor’ Spin-Off For Over 40s

Alright so, according to NW, Channel Ten are looking into setting up a 45+ years Bachelor spin-off, where all the long-legged, tanned women in their mid-20s the franchise usually favours are replaced by women more in the age range of your mum/aunt/oldest cousin. Middle-aged people are looking for love too!!!

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We don’t doubt that Osher Günsberg could find love for over-45. And hey, if the bracket was lowered to just over 40, fans could finally see the square-jawed Dr. Chris Brown, celebrity vet, hand out roses, FINALLY.

After such a big deal was made out of spinster Sophie Monk, at age 37, becoming the Bachelorette in 2017, the concept does have potential – that older demographic definitely still watches free-to-air and might be intrigued to see people more like them getting emotional over roses.

Here’s the an industry insider’s explanation: “The age bracket for main shows are 23-45, so there’s scope for older people to find love on TV, too.

There are many questions raised here: Will all the women still all be one body type (thin and beautiful!)? Will there be built-in meet my ex-husband/three daughters dates? Will they be able to find some top quality silver foxes?

A name bandied about atm is Nasser Sultan, 51, a fame-hungry guy who was on Married at First Sight and in the Trial by Kyle pilot, and does not meet the final qualification (sorry, nothing personal).

Casting agents reportedly hit up Sultan for a spin-off series after attempting to sign on another MAFS bloke, Ryan Gallagher, to be the regular Bachelor, but being shot down by Channel Nine.

The industry insider points to it being convenient to have Sultan on for Ten’s “senior’s romance series Bachelor, which sounds unnecessarily brutal, because he’s already signed on with the network.

Nasser’s already been working with Channel Ten on Trial By Kyle and was in talks to star on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! as well, so why wouldn’t they consider him for their senior’s romance series?

NW directly asked Sultan about the rumours, and he obviously is not allowed to confirm his participation in this show that may not exist: “I can’t talk about anything yet. But big things are coming for Nass in 2019 – and I’m ready to find my soulmate!