Baby Reindeer & Netflix Have Been Asked To Produce Evidence The IRL Martha Is A Legit Stalker

Baby Reindeer Martha Scott and Donny Dunn played by Richard Gadd. Tweet on top reading 'It's a serious charge, yet journalists can find no record.'

Netflix and Baby Reindeer are in the hot seat, with a Scottish National Party MP requesting evidence that a woman who appears to have inspired the character of Martha is, in fact, a convicted stalker.

A woman by the name of Fiona Harvey recently came forward, claiming she’s the person who inspired Martha Scott in Richard Gadd‘s true crime drama. Gadd has repeatedly asked people not to speculate on the real-life identities, but has yet to explicitly deny Harvey’s claim.

UK Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee member John Nicolson believes Netflix needs to show proof Harvey has a stalking conviction.

Richard Gadd hasn’t confirmed if Fiona Harvey is the inspiration behind Martha Scott or not. (Image: Netflix)

Nicolson sent a letter to Netflix’s senior UK director of public policy Benjamin King, asking him to back up statements he made in a recent UK Parliament hearing. 

These included King stating that production company Clerkenwell Films and Netflix took “every reasonable precaution in disguising the real-life identities of the people involved in that story”, and describing the show as a “true story of the horrific abuse [Richard Gadd received] at the hands of a convicted stalker.”

In the letter, he wrote: “Journalists have thus far been unable to find a record of the conviction to which you referred. Can you provide me with the evidence for this serious claim which you made to me at the Select Committee?”

The MP posted his full letter on X (formerly known as Twitter), saying: “Netflix told me the Martha character in Baby Reindeer was, in real-life, a ‘convicted stalker’ when I asked about the company’s duty of care towards her.”

“It’s a serious charge, yet journalists can find no court record. I’ve written to Netflix to ask for evidence.”

Fiona Harvey slams Richard Gadd and Baby Reindeer 

Harvey previously claimed that Baby Reindeer is a “work of fiction”, accusing Gadd and Netflix of “lying” during an extensive interview with Piers Morgan

“They have billed it as a true story, and so has he, and it’s not,” she alleged on Piers Morgan Uncensored

She took another swing at Gadd, saying he was “making money out of [her] misery”. 

Fiona Harvey was recently interviewed by Piers Morgan. (Photo: Piers Morgan Uncensored)

Since her interview, Harvey was due to appear at a UK nightclub for a meet and greet, with Kasbah Nightclub promoting the event on Facebook. 

“She will be signing autographs, taking selfies and she may also take a lucky reindeer home to hang her curtains! Tag a friend who loves a bit of curtain hanging,” the promo read. 

Naturally, the event was swiftly cancelled after some intense backlash and deemed “unsafe” by the nightclub. 

Could she have an influencer career ahead of her? Considering what happened to Gypsy-Rose Blanchard after getting out of prison, it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility. Don’t know how we’d react to Harvey showing off her latest ‘fit check, but hey… stranger things have happened.