A Nightclub In The UK Cancelled A Meet And Greet With Fiona Harvey Following ‘Yuge Backlash

A nightclub in the UK has been forced to cancel a meet and greet event featuring Fiona Harvey — you know, the woman who claimed to be the real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer — for obvious reasons. What the actual fuck?

ICYMI: The world has been completely captivated by Richard Gadd‘s Baby Reindeer — a tale where struggling comedian Donny Dunn falls victim to a convicted stalker Martha Scott (portrayed by Jessica Gunning).

Since the limited series blew up — and the fact that it was loosely based on Gadd’s real-life experiences — folks have seemingly hunted down and unearthed the real person who inspired the terrifying character of Martha.

Although Gadd nor Netflix have confirmed the identity of Martha, Fiona Harvey has come forward claiming that she’s the real-life Martha and has even participated in an interview with Piers Morgan where she unpacked — more like danced around — the allegations in Baby Reindeer.

(Image source: YouTube / Piers Morgan Uncensored)

Despite the dark content Baby Reindeer holds, Fiona has seemingly found some fame with folks flocking to her social media and her interview being turned into a meme template.

However, in a weird turn of events, Fiona was reportedly signed on to do a meet and greet at a nightclub in England.

Naturally, this executive decision by the nightclub did not sit right with punters and some even questioned if it was a legit thing.

According to social media, Fiona was set to appear in Kasbah Nightclub on Saturday, 18 May, to sign autographs and take piccies with “fans”.

(Image source: Facebook / Kasbah Nightclub)

“She will be signing autographs, taking selfies and she may also take a lucky reindeer home to hang her curtains! Tag a friend who loves a bit of curtain hanging,” the club wrote in a promotional post on Facebook.

Following the post, Kasbah received a shit tonne of backlash, with some netizens accusing the club of taking “advantage of someone so vulnerable”.

On Wednesday (Aus time), Kasbah shared that the promoter for the meet and greet “deemed the event unsafe and cancelled the appearance due to the negative publicity.”

In the cancellation post, they went on to thank a fuck off list of publications for “free publicity” surrounding the absurd event. They also added that if you say “Martha” at the door on Saturday night, you’ll receive “£1” off your entry.

The nightclub has yet to confirm if the whole “Fiona meet and greet” was a marketing ploy or if it was real. However, punters on social media have commented that the club was “taking the piss”.

(Image source: Instagram / Kasbah_coventry)
(Image source: Instagram / Kasbah_coventry)
(Image source: Instagram / Kasbah_coventry)

Prior to Fiona’s media mess, Richard Gadd had asked fans to not speculate on the real people behind the characters of Baby Reindeer. Most recently, Gadd responded to Fiona’s claim to fame, saying he “would’ve made it a documentary” if he wanted to expose the real people.

“If I wanted the real people to be found, I would’ve made it a documentary. I’ve spoken publicly about how I don’t want people to do it,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I want the show to be received as a piece of art… it exists in a sort of fictional realm, even though it’s based on truth… let’s enjoy the world that I’ve created.”

But hey, the internet does what the internet does best — ignores orders and does the complete opposite.

Image source: Kasbah Nightclub Facebook