A Melbourne Artist Is Now Selling Aussie Cross Stitch Memes Because We All Need An Iso Hobby

Gather ’round folks, because you can now buy cross stitch memes from an amazing Melbourne artist. Honestly, I think I want ten of each.

Angela Fox, or @kitschystitchesau on Etsy and Instagram, is a cross-stitch artist selling amazing Aussie patterns with free delivery across Australia, with designs ranging from good old Dan Andrews to Lizzie Mcguire. 

You can peruse the items on Kitschy Stitches’ Etsy store, where stitch patterns range from $25 to $150. Naturally, the hottest patterns available sell out pretty quick, so you might wanna get your paws on the ones you like while they stick around.

Check out some of the most iconic prints going up for sale.

Dunno about you but now I’m simply fanging for a pub feed. You can cop this parmy baby here, with chips and salad included, of course.

Naturally, the words above this legendary meal come from the similarly legendary song from The Chats, Pub Feed.

We simply cannot forget the legendary Queen of Brighton, Karen herself, in her classic North Face jacket.

Speaking of North Face jackets, who could forget Danny boy.

Not only is there a cross stitch of Dan telling everyone to do the right thing by Victoria, but there’s also one of the Victorian Premier sinking down a beer if that’s what tickles your stitching fantasies.

Alright, folks, move aside, I’m gonna need to cop this one before any of you do. Now this baby, this is art.

This one right here is perfect for all the ’90s kids looking to relive their childhood in the form of a quality cross stitch.

Death Becomes Her is an absolute classic, and as one of my favourite films, how could I not cop one for me and my bestie.

There are plenty more iconic designs on Kitschy Stitches Insta page, which you can gawk at over here.