Well Folks, We’ve Officially Reached The Crocheted Bin Chicken Stage Of Iso

The baking bread and watching Tiger King stage of isolation feels like a fucken’ lifetime ago, doesn’t it?

And since it looks like we’ll be housebound for quite some time now, punters are looking at new ways to entertain themselves ‘cos I dunno ’bout you, but if I bake one more loaf of bread, I’ll wind up loopier than Carole Baskin.

*whistles maniacally*

This morning I was doing a nice lil scroll of the r/Australia Reddit page (oi, go check it out, it’ll change your true blue life!) and I spotted one user who had crocheted a bin chicken.

Why? Mate, don’t ask why. Ask why not.

“I made a bin chicken!” The proud user (u/femlocks) named the post and look, not much more needs to be said other than that.

Check out the gorgeous specimen below:

I made a bin chicken!
by u/femlocks in australia

I. LOVE. HIM!!! Check out more of her fab designs here.

I reckon we should keep the crocheted Aussie icons theme going. I can’t crochet to save meself, but can I commission someone to crochet me some Kath & Kim dolls, ploise?