Ash Williams Was Apparently Gonna Make Bank For His Now-Canned Spin As The Bachelor This Year

Ash Williams on I'm A Celebrity

Comedian and podcaster Ash Williams was apparently set to make $180K in total for his stints on I’m A Celeb and The Bachelor this year, according to the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast.

But, as previously reported, 38-year-old Ash is believed to have lost the Bachie gig when he was charged earlier this month with recording an intimate image of a woman without her consent.

Ash Williams has said that he will fight the charge against him, where he is accused of taking screenshots of a woman without her knowledge while they were engaged in phone sex on FaceTime in December 2020.

So Dramatic! explained that losing the plum Bachelor gig meant that he also lost much of his exorbitant pay packet.

“Apparently Ash is struggling financially due to being dumped by the network, as he will not be receiving the full payment he was promised and relying on, on top of having to pay legal fees with no income.”

The local pod claimed that one of Ash’s close friends had told her exactly how much Ash was set to make and added that he really lost The Bachelor because he’s no longer single.

“Ash signed with the network for $180,000 across the two shows. Part of the $90,000 sum has already landed in his bank account off the back of I’m A Celeb, however he won’t be collecting the next cheque as he’s off the market and will no longer feature on The Bachelor.

“Channel Ten has also played the safe bet by cancelling all of his media appearances in Sydney.”

Megan pointed out that most people wouldn’t earn more than $50K for their appearances on I’m A Celeb not even people with much higher profiles than Ash. “But considering Angie Kent was paid a whopping rumoured $200,000 just for her time on The Bachelorette, there is a significant difference between those figures.”

Ash Williams has been criticised by fans for his “creepy” behaviour on I’m A Celeb this season. When singer Alli Simpson arrived at camp, Ash, who had shared a sleeping bag with Abbie Chatfield the night before, complained to the other men that the new arrival was actually more his type and he was “in a bit of a bind.”

A bit presumptuous to assume, at 38, that both 22-year-old Alli and 25-year-old Abbie can’t resist his charms, huh?

Abbie has since shared her feelings on the subject to Instagram, saying it was a “kick in the guts” to be so publicly dismissed by another bloke on reality TV. “I’m just hurt. 🙂 and I feel like I was spoken about [as though] I am an inconvenience.”

Had Ash Williams become the Bachelor, he would have been the series’ oldest Bachelor to date, after Sam Wood, who was 34 when he starred on the show in 2015. Back in 2019, Ash first claimed that he had been offered the role, only to be “ghosted” by producers in favour of astro-Bachie Dr. Matt Agnew.