Apparently The Bachelor For 2021 Has Already Got The Sack, So He Will Not Accept This Rose

Rumour has it: The 2021 Bachelor has already been sacked and it’s someone you might recognise from the current season of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’.

No it’s not Grant Denyer (I know he’s married), but I wish. The Bachelor for 2021 was actually meant to be comedian Ash Williams. Yes, the guy who started out seeming quirky and fun, but ended up being a serial pest to campmates Abbie Chatfield and Alli Simpson.

But the reason he has supposedly been canned as this year’s Bachelor, is because he is currently embroiled in a serious legal case. Police allege that Ash Williams took intimate screenshots of a woman without her consent.

Now, of course, the tea about Williams comes from none other than the iconic podcast So Dramatic! and even more iconic podcast host Megan Pustetto.

“As we know it was revealed he had been charged with intentionally recording an intimate image without consent, during a sexting incident on the 18th of December last year,” Pustetto said on the podcast.

“Following these charges, Channel 10 made the decision to dump him and cancel his Bachelor contract. So we’re already up to our Plan B Bachelor.

“A source close to Ash told So Dramatic! that he’s been in talks for years to be The Bachelor, but has never been successful in securing the role. Last year he was in the final stages as well, but he was beaten by Locky, and the year before, the same again, with Matt.”

I mean to be honest, this checks out because in 2019 Williams went on the High Heels and Hangovers podcast to say he was ghosted by Bachelor producers. That was the same year Matt Agnew was The Bachelor.

“I’m a Celebrity was a way for Channel 10 to slowly introduce him to audiences and gauge their reaction to him,” Pustetto continued.

“They thought that he would be well-liked but after these charges…Not only have Channel 10 cut him from the Bachelor, but they have also cut ties with him completely.

“They are even not including him in social media posts, he is completely banished.”

Well this tweet certainly didn’t age well.

Listen to the full So Dramatic! episode here.