Arnold Schwarzenegger Called His Son-In-Law Chris Pratt ‘Chris Evans’ & That’s Gotta Sting

Chris Pratt

In a bit of a HEHE, Arnold Schwarzenegger called Chris Pratt – his son-in-law since 2019 – Chris Evans during a livestream recently. Was he joking? Was it a classic dad joke? You’d hope so.

The story goes that during New Year’s Eve, Pratt decided to host a virtual Instagram telethon for the charity organisation Greater Good. During said telethon, he invited a slew of his famous mates on for a chat including Robert Downey Jr.Bryce DallasTom HollandJamie Foxx, and his papa-in-law Mr Schwarzenegger.

“Our next guest is a pretty important guy,” Pratt said, moments before welcoming his father-in-law to the stream. “He is Mr Universe, he is the Terminator, he is the former governor of California, he’s my father-in-law, my daughter’s grandfather – in a word, I better not screw this up, or I will be terminated.”

That was quite the introduction, if I do say so myself. And then what does Arnold do? He called him the wrong Chris.

“Hello, Chris… Evans,” he said, before quickly correcting himself. “Not Chris Evans, sorry. I’ve screwed up this whole thing right from the beginning. Chris Pratt.”

He continued, “Sorry about that. I should know your name, that’s for sure – you’re my favourite son-in-law.”

“I’m your only son-in-law!” Pratt replied. “I better be your favourite.”

Schwarzenegger later gushed about Pratt on the stream though, so it was surely just a joke between the in-laws. Surely. Either way, Pratt took it pretty well.

Jokes aside, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor ended up raising a cool USD$615,000 for Greater Good.

Skip ahead to 1:12:25 if you want to watch the Chris Pratt / Chris Evans bit for yourself.

The Hollywood Chrises made headlines last October when Twitter crowned Chris Pratt the worst Chris out of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and himself. It wasn’t a hard decision either, according to Twitter. Rough.

The whole thing swelled into quite the raucous online, causing Marvel friends Mark Ruffalo and Downey Jr. to publicly defend Pratt from the roasting. His wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, also defended his character, saying there was no need to be so mean and that “there’s enough room to love all these guys”.

That was a time, hey?