Chris Evans, Real-Life Superhero, Just Addressed That Whole Peen Incident On Live-Television

Chris Evans, real-life superhero, addressed that peen blunder in his first TV interview since the NSFW incident occurred.

ICYMI: The Captain America actor became a ‘yuge topic of convo across the globe over the weekend after accidentally sharing footage of his shlong on Instagram.

Speaking to Tamron Hall about the mishap, Chris was able to have a lil chuckle at his own expense (bless him), and he also said he’s extremely grateful for the support of his fans.

“Look, it was a very interesting weekend, full of lessons learned,” Evans told Hall. “You know, things happen. It’s embarrassing but you gotta roll with the punches. I will say, I have some pretty fantastic fans who really came to my support. That was really, really nice.”

Evans was on the Tamron Hall Show to promote A Starting Point, a new bipartisan civic engagement internet channel he created alongside Mark Kassen and Joe Kiani.

The actor broke his silence on the incident yesterday on Twitter by urging his scores of fans across America to direct that energy into voting.

“Now that I have your attention, Vote Nov 3!!!” he wrote on Twitter.

On Saturday, Evans posted a wholesome video of himself playing a game of Heads Up with his family.

The video was part of a screen recording of Evans’ phone and before it cut out, it showed the actor’s photo gallery. Followers soon noticed the nude, aggressively tweeted Evans about it, and then watched as it was hastily deleted from his feed.

The whole thing was very unfortunate, with even fellow Avenger Mark Ruffalo tweeting: “Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining.”

Oh, sweet Ruffalo.

Not to mention, Captain America’s actual brother Scott Evans‘ marvellous tweet.

Gotta say, kudos to the bloke for using the awkward sitch for good by, once again, encouraging fans to vote.

The actor has repeatedly urged the American people to dump Trump and even recently co-launched the video-based civic engagement platform, A Starting Point (ASP).

ASP is pretty much a channel of communication and connectivity between Americans and their elected officials. It’s all about creating a more informed electorate.

“It’s not that I’m specifically drawn to politics,” Evans told People upon the site’s launch. “It’s just when you look around, you try to figure out how can you help.”

ASP is divided into three sections: Starting Points, a glossary; Daily Points, which gives politicians a minute to talk about any subject they want to address; and Counterpoints, which allows two elected officials to discuss a topic they don’t agree on.

“There’s a lot of things you can do as an actor with your name,” Evans said. “I could be making booze – and I don’t discourage anyone from doing that, I love booze – but there’s no denying that I played a certain character, and it just so happens to align with part of my nature in terms of being someone who is politically involved and who cares about the wellbeing of people in this country.”

Americans will (or not) take to the polls on Election Day come Tuesday, November 3.