Robert Downey Jr & Mark Ruffalo Defend Chris Pratt After Twitter Crowned Him The ‘Worst Chris’

chris pratt worst chris

Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. have learned about the Definitive Ranking Of Chrises and are very much not happy with the fact their Marvel Universe pal Chris Pratt has come in as the worst of the bunch.

It was kicked off by Jack Ryan writer and TV producer Amy Berg over the weekend with a very simple meme, stating that one has to go out of four of the Hollywood Chrises – Chris PineChris HemsworthChris Evans, and Pratt. In a swift and rightful move, everyone immediately said that Pratt was the Chris they would not miss.

Some were also quick to note that Chris Pratt had already been booted from Chris Island due to his shady behaviour around allegations his church is anti-LGBTQIA, or his political leanings, or the fact he and Anna Faris broke hearts worldwide when they got divorced.

Regardless, apparently, Pratt has been long gone from the Chris List, and was replaced with Chris Pang, who must be protected at all costs.

But the whole ranking of the Chrises has now upset his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger as well as his Marvel fam, who were quick to defend Pratt’s character.

After E! News picked up the meme and took it to a full-blown battle royale of Hollywood’s Chrises, detailing a pretty hefty list of contenders, Katherine commented on Instagram that “being mean is so yesterday” and that there’s “enough room to love all these guys”.

chris pratt worst chris

Mark Ruffalo weighed in on Pratt’s political presence, saying that he’s “not overtly political as a rule” and that the chatter around him being a Trump-supporting republican is a distraction from what really matters – the US election on November 3rd.

And Robert Downey Jr took to his Instagram to defend Pratt, saying that he’s a “real Christian who lives by principle” and “insists on service at the highest value”. I’m not sure if that’s helping his case in a meme poll that has now turned into a huge mess, but thanks for your input, Robert.

Fans clapped back to Robert’s post, questioning why he wasn’t so quick to support and defend Brie Larson during the times she’s been harassed online.

chris pratt worst chris

chris pratt worst chris

One thing’s for sure, the only Chris I have time for in all this mess is Chris Meloni. The one True And Good Chris.

A true king among Chrises.