Anya Taylor-Joy Spilled Some Of Her Top Syd Spots Incl. A Fancy As Fk Paddington Restaurant

Letterboxd users arise ‘cos artsy film icon Anya Taylor-Joy spilled on her fave spots in Sydney, including a fancy restaurant should you want a taste of the high life.

Taylor-Joy has been based Down Under for a hot sec while filming the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa. As you may be able to guess from the title, it’s about Furiosa: the character Charlize Theron played in the 2015 film.

The flick will also star Chris Hemsworth and is currently being filmed in NSW. In fact, it’s set to be the biggest film ever made in Australia. Pop one of those flaming guitars on Dominic Perrottet and see how he goes.

As is fitting, Taylor-Joy has now graced our eyeballs as Vogue Australias October cover star.

In the interview, she talked about swimming in the Bronte beach rockpool and sussing out Sydney’s best hidden beaches. I have to assume she’s been following the eastern suburbs TikTok girlies and noting down all their top tips.

“There’s no distinction between the ocean and the pool,” she said. 

“And I’ve never been in a pool that has a current before, so it was rather enlightening.”

Queen, just wait until summer when you’ll get dumped by a monster wave in front of the entire beach. It’s a rite of passage.

She also said she’d found people at Syd’s secret beaches to be pretty friendly. I have simply never had this experience but perhaps they all recognise her from The Queen’s Gambit.

If you see people in neighbouring houses, they just smile and wave at you, and semi-applaud you for getting in the water when it’s that cold,” she said.

“There’s no, ‘You’re not supposed to be there!’ which I really like.”

A particularly great tidbit was Taylor-Joy revealing one of her fave Sydney restaurants. No, it is not my favourite restaurant (the KFC on Broadway).

It is Fred’s, a bougie farm-to-table restaurant in Paddington which boasts a menu that changes everyday.

Currently it includes a $95 roast chook, though Anya Taylor-Joy is a vegan so I have to imagine she will not be ordering that. Plus we all know a Coles roast chook in its plastic handbag is undefeated.

Surely Ms Taylor-Joy has at least tried vegan fairy bread? Someone needs to bring it to the Furiosa set immediately.

Perhaps the most wholesome bit of the whole interview was about Taylor-Joy’s kitten Kitsune, who she adopted right here in Aus.

“He is the love of my life… and an Aussie!” she told Vogue.

I will be expecting pics of him as a teeny tiny road warrior ASAP.