This Fairy Bread Cob Loaf Is The God-Tier Party Snack & I Need To Devour It Immediately

fairy bread cob loaf

When you think of birthday party staples, it’s hard to look past cob loaf and fairy bread. I mean, they’re classic Australian cuisine and no party is complete without them. But have you ever thought of combining them for the ultimate party snack?

No, me neither. But today, during my morning scroll of to decide what to have for dinner, I stumbled across a recipe unlike any other. Brace yourselves because this is about to blow your socks off.

I present to you: the fairy bread cob loaf. Iconic, I know.

“Childhood party favourite fairy bread gets the cob loaf treatment, complete with a sweet cheesecake filling and freckles, strawberries and wafer biscuits to serve,” writes.

fairy bread cob loaf


At this point, it is my firm political belief that you can cob loaf-ify any meal, and absolutely should do so wherever possible. Breakfast? Cob. Lunch? Cob. Dinner? Cob. Dessert? Sweet, sweet cob, baby.

But nothing, and I mean *nothing* will compare with the sheer genius of the fairy bread cob.

Basically, it’s your usual cob loaf. But instead of being filled with a savoury dip, it’s filled with a sweet, cheesecake-esque filling and decorated with marshmallows, white chocolate, sour straps and, of course, the beloved 100s & 1000s.

Christmas is fast approaching and let’s be real here, showing up with a fairy bread cob loaf is the perfect way to declare yourself the favourite child at Christmas lunch with the family. Sorry, but no cheese platter can compare to this bad boy.

Grazing plates are *so* last year, Christmas 2020 is all about cob loaves and crying about your life.

I simply cannot stress this enough: GIMME.

You can read the full recipe here if you’re keen to drown your feelings in a big ol bowl of sweet cob loaf. It’s been a tough year, I won’t judge.