Angelina Jolie’s First Action Movie In A Decade Is About Surviving A Bushfire & It’s A Lot

The trailer for Angelina Jolie‘s new action movie Those Who Wish Me Dead is here, and it’s full on. In the film, Jolie and a mysterious little boy are being hunted by assassins. Oh yeah, and they also just casually have to outrun a fkn bushfire.

It was over a year ago that Australia suffered catastrophic bushfires, so a movie set around escaping one might hit a little too close to home for Aussies. Jolie plays Hannah Faber, a firefighter with a pretty intense backstory where she lost people close to her in a bushfire. If that’s all a bit too much, you might want to skip this Jolie flick.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie plays firefighter Hannah Faber.

Directed by Taylor Sheridan, Those Who Wish Me Dead is Jolie’s first action movie since Salt, released in 2010. It’s also also been a while since the star has acted in a major blockbuster film outside of Maleficent.

The film is based on a book by Michael Koryta and will see a bunch of assassins played by Nicholas Hoult, Tyler Perry and Aiden Gillen (Littlefinger in Game of Thrones) try and kill our queen, Jolie (who is protecting a young boy who witnessed a murder).

Angelina Jolie
Yep, Jolie and little boy have to literally hold their breath underwater to escape a bushfire. No, thanks.

I could honestly watch Angelina Jolie in an action movie any day of the week. She is an ethereal goddess and we must all bow down to her perfection. I’m not usually an action movie fan, but I will make an exception in this case.

Ofc, Angelina Josie was once the biggest (and arguably only) female action star, with her breakout turn as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider catapulting her into a bankable action hero along the lines of Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves.

Tomb Raider was also weirdly a live attraction at Luna Park Melbourne in 2007, and it was scary as hell. Two of my friends had to leave through the emergency exit because they couldn’t stop crying.

Those Who Wish Me Dead is hitting Aussie cinemas May 13.