Amy Poehler penning undoubtedly hilarious memoir

Literate and illiterate people of the world rejoice! Amy Poehler is writing a book, and it’s illustrated.

The book has been described by publisher It Books as “an
illustrated, nonlinear diary full of humor and honesty and brimming with
true stories, fictional anecdotes and life lessons.” With a 2014 scheduled release, the book will no doubt draw comparisons to her B.F.F.F Tina Fey’s Bossypants and Lena Dunham’s soon to be released and also illustrated memoir type bsns; because, as we all know, we’re getting pretty close to reaching the quota of amusing books written by women. Best be keeping a watchful eye on that.

No word yet on whether she got anywhere near the same amount of dollars as Dunham’s reported $3.5 million or if she will be ‘telling all‘ on her relationship and eventual (and fucking devastating for everybody else) split with long time husband-bro Will Arnett, à la Katy Perry and Russel Brand. Or on whether she even has time to write this thing – where do you find the time Amy?

Be the tits at my Golden Globes hosting gig.
Continually make hilarious television.
Raise my adorably chubby children.
George Clooney
Become published author.
Feature in the new Mean Girls Musical? Talk to Tina.



via Time

Title image by Larry Busacca via Getty