Your Teen Queen Amanda Bynes Has Returned To Instagram To Launch Her Fashion & Fragrance Line

No one is happier about the resurgence of noughties culture than me. NO ONE.

Britney Spears bops are being played on repeat, Paris Hilton’s iconic phrase “That’s hot” is on everyone’s lips, and our teen flick queen Amanda Bynes is making her big comeback.

The elusive actress recently returned to social media, rebranding her Insta to the new title of: Matte Black Online Store, which suggests that she may be launching her long-awaited fashion line soon.

She shared the following pic, looking v. shmick indeed:

But get this: Amanda’s attorney, David Esquibias, told E! News that our girl is foraying into more than just fashion, she’s also dabbling in the fragrance industry.

“Amanda is very entrepreneurial,” he shared. “She is now considering perfume in addition to a clothing line.”

But because the academic actress is still studying, it may be a while until we can spritz ourselves with an Amanda-approved scent.

“She is still a student at FIDM [Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise] earning her degree,” Esquibias added.

She previously announced that she’s studying fash with a slick but now-deleted Insta post.

“Getting my Bachelor’s degree from FIDM, Taking online classes, trying to get a 4.0 GPA :],” she wrote on Instagram. “Looking forward to starting my online store in the future #goals.”

Meanwhile her bae Paul Michael, who she previously described as “the love of my life,” just shared the following vid of her rapping A$AP Rocky’s Fashion Killa’ and it’s an honest to god vibe and a half.


The star recently shared that she’s been in treatment and all is going well, which we absolutely bloody love to hear.

“Spent the last 2 months in treatment,” she wrote. “Worked on coping skills to help with my social anxiety that caused me to drop out of school months ago. Back on track and doing well!”

She added that she’s “now living in transitional living and doing therapy during the week.”

Amanda also confirmed that she’s “still engaged” to Paul – bless!

Bring on that fragrance line, bb!