Aidan Will Return For The Sex & The City Reboot, So Can Carrie Pls Not Break His Heart Again?

Sex and the City

“yOu bRoKe mY hEaRt!”

The man who arguably said one of the most famous lines on Sex and the City is back baby. Yep, Aidan will reappear in the SATC revival, titled And Just Like That.

John Corbett will reprise his role as Aidan Shaw in the new reboot and confirmed the news in an interview with Page Six.

AND it looks like he’ll be more than just a one episode cameo — Corbett thinks he will be “in quite a few” episodes.

This is BIG news, or should I say not big news, because there was actually a recent rumour that Chris Noth (Big) would not be returning to the reboot. However, Noth seemed to respond to the rumour and hinted that he might be returning after all.

“Why for heaven’s sake you are not playing my beloved Mr Big??” someone asked Noth on Instagram.

“Everything changes—including announcements in the rags,” Noth replied.

Another SATC fan also expressed disappointment that Noth wouldn’t be returning after Page Six first published the story.

“Please reconsider,” they wrote on Instagram.

“Well if page six says it… it must be true,” the real Mr. Big replied.

Hmm so with Big and Aidan back that can only mean one thing…another love triangle. YES.

If you had asked me three hours ago if I was on Team Big or Team Aidan, I would’ve hands down said team Aidan. BUT I was recently informed that Aidan is in fact ~toxic~ and now I hate everyone (except Harry, of course).

Yes, according to the iconic IG account Every Outfit On Sex and the City (that even SATC’s Kristin Davis is a fan of) Aidan is low-key problematic. But everyone knows that straight men don’t mature until about 50, so here’s hoping that both Big and Aidan have worked on their shit since the OG series.

Just hurry up and finish filming already, I need SATC in my life ASAP.