Abbie Chatfield Spilled Spicy Deets About Her Sex Life W/ Adam Hyde On TikTok & Ooft, That’s Hot

Abbie Chatfield and Adam Hyde discussing their sex life

I’m living for all the tea Abbie Chatfield is spilling about her relationship with Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde. We got a semi-soft (hard?) launch of his huge bulge, and now the Aussie influencer has been gushing about their healthy sex life and all the ways he’s making her very, very happy.

Over on TikTok, the former Bachie star has been taking fans through the process of getting an IUD, but revealed her boyfriend actually offered to get a vasectomy so she wouldn’t have to go through with it. 

“He was like, ‘I don’t want you to go through the pain and the hormones and shit, and I don’t want you to fuck with your body if you don’t want to’,” she said. 

“I wanted the IUD for a while, I just haven’t had a reason to get it. But now I’m getting fucked every day if I’m being real, and I need it.”

The couple looked into vasectomies but discovered that there’s only an 80 to 90 per cent chance a reversal will work, and the pair would like to have kids in the future, so decided it wasn’t a viable option.

“I don’t want to risk an up to 20 per cent chance that I can’t have his kids. I’d just like to see how the IUD is anyway because I’ve been raw dogging for like 10 years, no contraception,” she added. 

The star told fans that she also gets thrush from condoms, which is why she avoids that route of contraception. 

They’re just so damn cute! (Image: Instagram @abbiechatfield)

Abbie Chatfield reveals her boyfriend paid for her IUD

In another TikTok, Abbie and Adam had a frank discussion about why he decided to cough up for Abbie’s IUD. 

“It’s a fucking collaboration innit? You’re going through some pain, the least I can do is pay for the thing that they put up your pussy. It’s simple. Fucking hell, it doesn’t take a fucking rocket scientist to figure that one out,” he said. 

“I put a bit of cash down… because I care. And you’re going through pain and I’m the one who’s busting nuts in you,” he explained before the couple burst out laughing.

Fans are convinced that Adam is Abbie’s soulmate, and I’m totally on board. More of this please!

Feature image: TikTok & Instagram @abbiechatfield