Fans Found A Big Continuity Error In ‘6 Underground’ Thanks To Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram

6 Underground, Ryan Reynolds

Michael Bay‘s 6 Underground made its way to Netflix on Friday, featuring more than its share of loud noises, car chases and indiscriminate carnage, with Ryan Reynolds at the centre of it all.

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The action flick opens with one such car chase, through the streets of Florence, and eagle-eyed fans have noticed a small but significant continuity error, with Reynolds appearing in two places at once.

All the way back in September last year, the star posted a video to his Instagram, giving some jokey commentary on the filming process as an action setpiece plays out behind him.

“The best part about shooting with Michael Bay? I don’t know, a lot of people would say the action, but for me its the stillness,” he says in the video. “It’s like the… Those quiet moments, that—”

He’s then cut off by the sound of roaring engines and a car flipping:

In the finished version of 6 Underground, Reynolds is a passenger in said car, but one Redditor noticed that if you look closely, he is also seen in the background, shooting his video for Instagram.

In 6 Underground (2019) at 14:42 you can see Ryan Reynolds recording a video for his social media
by u/thejokerjackson in MovieDetails

It’s unclear whether this was a deliberate goof to get people talking about the film, or an actual continuity error, but either way, here we all are.

6 Underground, which stars Reynolds, Adria ArjonaMélanie Laurent, Dave Franco and Ben Hardy, is out on the streaming service on December 13