You’re not exactly starved for choice when it comes to stunning ocean views in and around the Gold Coast, but when you’ve only got a long weekend getaway how do you narrow that down and make the most of it? You listen to me, because I’m always right, and you schedule a little time to check out these walks.

Mount Warning

If you want a truly local Goldie experience, you better put the hike to the ancient (and extinct, d/w) volcano, Mount Warning, on your list. It’s a moderate 8.8km round trip that’ll take you about 5 hours to complete but mates, it’s worth it.

Once you make it through the lush rainforest and out onto the summit, you’ll be rewarded with 360-degree views of the ancient cavity left by the volcano back in the day and of the coastline from the Gold Coast all the way to Byron Bay. Not bad, aye?

Burleigh Headland National Park

This bad boy is very popular for a reason. There are several paths to take, but for some beaut views of Palm Beach and the southern end of the Goldie once you reach Tumgun Lookout, take the slightly more athletic option of the upper walking track. Keep on trekking to take in the scenery of Burleigh Heads themselves.If the lower ocean circuit sounds like a more chill option to you, you’ll still get to take in some amazing ocean vistas along the shoreline, including famous Echo Beach.

Plus, if you time your visit to be from June to November, you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of migrating Humpback Whales.

Fingal Head

Looking for something a little more ‘undiscovered’? The Fingal Head walking track will take you along the coastline, mostly just used by enthusiastic local surfers, and up to the historic Fingal Head Lighthouse. It’s still in use today but was erected wayyyy back in 1872.

From the top of hill you’ll get to look out over Cook Island and some very funky looking, naturally formed basalt columns. The dark grey formations made long ago by basalt lava, make a stark contrast to the blue ocean water surrounding them.

Coolangatta to Point Danger

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I know the name of this walk sounds like it might be long, but it’s an easy 2km stroll you can take in your thongs that nevertheless dishes up some stunning coastal views.

The path kicks off from Coolangatta Beach, heading along to your next main pitstop, Greenmount Beach. From the top of the headlands here you’ll get stunning visions of oceans, beaches, islands, and even mountain ranges. Continue on to pro surf spot, Snapper Rocks, through Rainbow Bay and end up at Point Danger.

The Gold Coast Oceanway

The Gold Coast Oceanway is a 36-kilometre network of pathways connecting The Spit at the north end of the Gold Coast to Point Danger in the south. And no, you absolutely don’t have to take on the whole thing at once. In fact that would be mildly insane, but more power to you if you manage it!

What it gives you though, are easy walking tracks along this stunning coastal part of the world to show off all the place has to offer. Pick your section, take your time, and be sure to detour off the tracks onto the beaches for swims, bird watching, and the chance to glimpse ocean creatures like dolphins and whales.

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