Where do you reckon Australia’s largest outdoor gallery – aka. street art hub – are? I can almost guarantee the mental list you just whipped up missed the street art mecca that is Toowoomba. Yes, THAT garden-filled Toowoomba sitting just out of Brisbane. With over 55 masterpieces from local and international artists dotting the streets, is a veritable feast for the eyes.

Allow me to highlight some of the best of the best, but set yourself a whole day and a mapped out plan to see it all.

49 Neil Street

Aussie artist Adnate has made a name for himself internationally as one of the best large-scale portrait artists, and seeing as his piece in Toowoomba literally gave me goosebumps you can see why. And yup, this fine art look is done with spray cans.

30 Duggan Street

Sydney freelancer illustrator, artist, and designer Alex Lehours whipped up this beaut for the city. He describes his work as “an eccentric explosion of chaos, humour, colour, and absolute randomness“. I dig all those things.

Club Lane

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Ok, so Club Lane is one of those laneway street art hubs we all love, and love to take Insta pics in. So there’s a lot of talent in here. But I’d draw particular attention to almost-local Brissy Illustrator and artist Elana Mullaly’s contribution here.

Bank Lane

So same deal, Bank Lane is one of those hubs you have to wander through. Alysa Mae might be mostly known for her canvas paintings but boy can she wield a large scale mural too. I am obsessed with this. The eyes, they pierce me. But also this bad boy is titled ‘Uncertainʼ and portrays that conflicting moods feeling we all get sometimes.

Also though, I HAD to mention this piece by collab Art-Work. The creative studio – led by artist, photographer, and designer Claudio Kirac – brings multi-disciplinary Aussie artists together to make gold.

10 Neil Street

I adore this mural by Adam Busby. It just makes me happy. This illustrator, designer, and artist is American-born but Brisssy based, and therefore we shall claim him as our own.

488 Ruthven St

Growing up amongst Brissy’s graffiti culture is the major influence we have to thank for Fintan Magee’s work. He’s been taking his talent all over the world ever since, winning himself several awards. And here you can find one of his pieces right in Toowoomba.

Gallery Lane

Ok, it’s becoming clear that I dig me some portraits and odd abstract stuff, but in yet another funky Toowoomba laneway you’ll find this very cool comic book-esque Geisha by Elysha Rei, whose work is influenced by her mixed heritage and transition between cultures and communities.

3 Bowen St

I literally could spend all day finding the coolest street art pieces in this small place, but let’s be real, I’m running out of article space. So instead, let me leave you with this groovy Bowie-esque pice by self-taught artist (!) Lisa King.

Image: Instagram / [@elanamullaly]