You Can Treat Your Very Good Boy To A Boat Picnic On The Goldie Next Year

Yes you read that right – Pets! On Boats! With picnics! From January 1st 2020, GoBoat is launching its eco-friendly and pet-friendly picnic boats on the Gold Coast, so you can cruise through the Goldie’s canals, as well as Sanctuary Cove and the Coomera River.

cue: unnecessary amount of pups on boats.

The boats themselves are actually pretty cool. They’re designed to be so easy to use that you don’t need a boating license. They’re slow and causing, making it the perfect sight-seeing, picnic-indulging pace.

Plus, when they say eco-friendly, they mean it. Each vessel is made from a mix of reclaimed timber and recycled PET bottles, and run on silent, pollution-free, electric engines.

There’s enough room for eight people (and your pooch), with a giant picnic table in the middle for your grand BYO spread. They’re only $99 an hour to rent. That could be as little as under $12 per person.

And, of course, bring your doggo – or other choice of pet. I can’t imagine something like a cat enjoying the water though? Dogs though – obsessed with a boat, I don’t know why, but I’ve seen it to be true.

Ok, I’m done with very good boys on boats. Go about your days.