A Uni Student On What He Learned About Himself (And Time Management) While Studying Online

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Learning online can be absolutely game-changing, if I do say so myself. Not only does it unleash you from the very tired routine of shifting between lecture halls and tutorial rooms all day, every day, it can also give you a large gulp of power. That said, online learning has the potential to be this good when it’s done right. So it’s important to turn to leading educators that provide truly elite resources, as well as support and community. Enter CQUniversity.

Liam Bromilow studied a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences online at CQUniversity from his home in Brissy. Even from a young age, Liam has always been keen on science and understanding how things worked. First, this manifested in an interest in trains (chooo chooo), but as Liam grew older, he started to play more sports. He wanted to become better and he wanted to understand how to become better, which inevitably led him to sport sciences. It was a way for him to combine his love of sports with a research and knowledge base.

Liam chose CQUniversity because the opportunity to study via distance appealed heaps to him. It gave him the freedom to study online in his own time and at his own pace, so that he could still work full-time and be with his family. And that’s a major win-win!

CQUniversity also has this lil’ thing called Graduate Guarantee. It’s like a safety net that comes with every undergraduate level degree. So if you graduate but don’t land a job in your area of study within six months, you’ll be eligible to apply for a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship for free. Loveeee to see it!

We chatted to Liam about his time at CQUniversity, from his decision to study sport sciences to what advice he has for future students.

PTV: How did your opinion about sport sciences differ from before you started to after you graduated?

Liam: Before I began my degree I was solely focused on working in sport and with an elite team in some capacity. Working through the program, I realised there were so many more opportunities in the private sector to conduct some really meaningful work. The ability to cater for young children right up to the elderly, the opportunities motivated me to take on a variety of different roles post-study.

PTV: What surprised you the most when you first started studying at CQUni?

Liam: I was impressed by the level of connectedness to the lecturers and tutors. I’ve been involved with universities where lecturers didn’t know who you were. But every CQUni professor made the effort to get to know everyone, even through an online program.

PTV: Can you give us a bit of a rundown of what the first semester studying a Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Sciences looks like?

Liam: I began the program after a slight break from university study, but was eased into the process with some quite significant theoretical units. Studying through Human Body System and Anatomy courses in my first semester really prepared me for a rigorous program, requiring me to manage my study load and review practices which helped me later in the program. An added bonus with these courses was the fact there were quite a lot of hands-on practicals. So not only learning the theoretical content, I was provided with opportunities to apply it in a practical context.

PTV: What was your goal starting out and did it change throughout your studies?

Liam: I was set on working in elite sport, but realised the plethora of private sector opportunities.

PTV: What crucial information did you learn while studying online?

Liam: I more learnt the skills of managing multiple projects at the same time. Studying online requires discipline to manage your time effectively, which I feel I developed over the period of the program.

PTV: Do you have any advice for future students?

Liam: Begin each semester setting clear outlines and expectations of when you need to complete work and assignments. 

PTV: Why did you choose to study online?

Liam: Living in Brisbane and working full-time, studying online allowed me to continue working professionally while studying outside of those commitments.

PTV: Were there any aspects of online learning that pleasantly surprised you?

Liam: Beginning the program, I thought that it would be hard to set aside time and get things completed. I thought there would be a lot of distractions. I actually found it quite manageable as I could complete little bits here and there, rather than being locked into set times.

PTV: Did you connect with other students during your studies?

Liam: I made multiple friends over the years of studying online. We looked forward to getting together at residential schools, and would be sad to leave by the end of the day.

PTV: If you had some advice for other students studying online, what would you tell them in order to get the most out of it?

Liam: Be organised, but get to know as many people as possible. You’d be surprised the connections and networks you can make, seeing as online learning caters for so much more diversity.

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