How To Make The Most Of The Gap Between HS & Uni Bc You’ll Never Get Free Time Like That Again


There is nothing quite like the glorious gap between high school and uni. Nothing. I say this as a weathered and haggard 24-year-old who had some of the best goddamn times of her life during the summer of ’15/’16.

If you’re yet to experience this break, let me paint a picture for you: VCE is behind you, and all of your friends are in the same boat; you’ve got a Christmas casual job you probably work at three times a week, and it’s likely the last time your parents will ever expect nothing more from you than just to exist. See? Beautiful.

Despite all this glorious freedom, we as humans love to worry, and with the release of ATARs looming, it can make things a little stressful. Luckily, there are heaps of things like Swinburne’s COP (Change Of Preference) Expo which makes amending course shortlists super easy, so you can get back to the important stuff (i.e. enjoying your time off).

On that note, here’s how we recommend spending the break.


Have fun

Go to festivals. Go to the beach. Go on spontaneous road trips. Hang out with your friends and watch terrible Hallmark Christmas movies. Do all the stuff you daydreamed about doing when falling asleep during Biology. Before you know it, it’ll be five years down the track, and you’ll be pencilling in catch-ups with friends with a Google Calendar invite like boring adults. So, make the most of your light schedules!!

Reconnect with your loved ones

You were likely an absolute nightmare around the house/in the vicinity of loved ones during exam blocks over the last 12 months. So, take this time to reconnect with your parents, siblings and any other loved ones who may have played second-banana to Modern History notes over the last year.

Indulge your interests

I know it sounds cliché but take this time to discover who you are (or at least, who you think you are). Listen to every album you’ve ever wanted, watch all the movies, read all the books, and indulge in your interests. Become a well-rounded person who can shout to the rooftops about the things you love for hours. Trust me, it’ll be handy when finding your ‘tribe’ when uni comes around.

Do all the life admin you forgot about

Drivers licences, RSA’s, Tax File Numbers — all that jazz. It sounds boring, but these essentials will help you get through the uni years a little easier, and most tasks can be knocked out in the morning.

Think about your future (a little bit)

Think about your future but not to the point that it sends you into an existential crisis. Take the necessary steps (like seeking advice and updating your preferences when ATARs hit) and check out the uni by taking a campus tour and feel confident that you’re making the right choice. If you have friends who demand you divulge your marks and ten-step plans for the future, kindly tell them to choof off.

There are also sooo many alternative pathways into a uni course these days, so even if it doesn’t happen the way you’d hoped, you’ll get in somehow. Not to mention, by that point everyone (and I mean, everyone) will have forgotten about their ATARs anyway.