Technology and higher education are generally a pretty damned good match, making the lives of students – and more importantly lecturers – a hell of a lot easier than the old way of doing things.

Teachers in particular have a vast array of software and gadgets available to them that are designed to make the learning experience for students more immersive and intuitive than ever before.

‘Course technology always evolves at a rate far greater than the ability of the average uni lecturer to keep up, so from time to time shit goes awry in glorious fashion.

Take this video, for example, of a lecture at Melbourne University utilising a Socrative quick poll.

The simple question “what factors/influences make an athlete great?” should ordinarily be pretty straightfoward. Unless you leave responses on ‘Anonymous‘ and then it takes precisely 0.4 seconds for the shit to hit the fan.

Shoutout to the heroes chucking in “SHAME” and the poo emoji, but the clear champion is obviously the exam-hating ledge who’s set the whole thing off in record time.

You the real MVP.

Source: Reddit.