All The Weird Things We Did While Studying That Seemed Totally Normal At The Time

Something very strange happens when we have the independence of leaving school and don’t ~really~ have to do what our parents tell us anymore, but we’re still studying and keep weird hours trying to work at the same time as furthering our education.

Suddenly, all the odd things you kind of wanted to do but never would have because some sort of authority figure would have told you off are possible. All those superstitions and habits you always wanted to indulge seem like possibilities.

These are just a few examples of the things we just wouldn’t have gotten away with at school.

I legitimately had one seat and one seat only in the library that I would do every assignment at. When I left uni I was only sad to be leaving my little loner corner.
– Jaimee

I used to fill a teacup with half hot water and half instant coffee while pulling essay all-nighters. This probably shaved a decade off my life.
– Chris

For a good part of uni I was doing the graveyard shift at a community radio station, but would always stupidly time my classes to take place right after I finished the show. I’d be on air from 1 am to 7 am, then walk to uni, nap on a bean bag and then muzz through my class. It wasn’t great, and often my teacher would call me out. Luckily he was more supportive of the fact I was doing community radio when he found out so nothing bad ever came of it.
– Jack

I just didn’t turn up.
– Vanna

I also had to do call-outs on social media for someone to come mind my computer if I needed to go to the toilet because it was a ‘you snooze, you lose’ sort of game at UTS.
– Elise

Being able to go to the bathroom without permission was such a revelation that sometimes I’d just get up and walk out of the classroom like I was going to pee when I didn’t have to go at all. Just exercising my new freedoms.
– Kassia

Some of my lectures were mandatory to either attend or listen to online. When I wasn’t in the mood to listen to a two-hour lecture I would tune into the online lecture and then just leave my laptop running as I went to work. Still passed the course baby!
– Emma

At uni I would pray before, after and during every exam. Yes, during – I’d take a few moments between answers.
– Jae

A girl I went to uni with gave me advice heading into exams one semester. She said: ‘You need to get a couple of boxes of no-doz and if you get bad marks just cry in front of your tutor. A foolproof way to pass’. I didn’t take either piece of advice but its stuck with me nonetheless
– Josh