Um, A Stranger Things Scene Matches This High School Musical Moment Frame-By-Frame

stranger things high school musical

Call your mate who can’t stop watching High School Musical on repeat and get your Stranger Things-obsessed mum on the phone, we’ve got news for them that’ll knock their head in the game. Eagle-eyed Stranger Things fans have noticed that one of the episodes in season four bears a striking resemblance to an emotional scene from HSM. The best part is, it was probably intentional, too.

TikTok user @amy_0.0 shared an edit they made comparing the two scenes to each other by playing them side by side.

The Stranger Things scene is from season four, when Will confronts Mike and has an emotional chat with him in the arcade. Meanwhile, the High School Musical scene is from when Troy and Gabriella sing “Gotta Go My Own Way” together on a bridge. As a kid, that scene always wrecked me. Honestly, it still holds up.

Have a look at the edit below and tell me that these scenes aren’t literally the same. The blue lighting? The hair? I am shooketh.

Apparently, the video above isn’t exactly how the Stranger Things scene plays out, and has been edited to fit the HSM scene better.

Technicalities aside the scenes are honestly very similar visually.

My favourite fact about this discovery is that the Stranger Things writers have actually confirmed that they were purposely studying High School Musical while making season four.

They revealed that HSM was inspo as part of their Video Store Friday series.

“Every friday, I will list five movies the writers talked about during the week,” one of the Stranger Things writers wrote on the Stranger Writers Twitter account.

“All of these movies relate in some way or another to season four! Are you ready or what demonerds?”

So you’re telling me that this scene could have actually been directly inspired by Troy and Gabriella? I can’t stop laughing at the idea, but I’m also crying? Even though Will deserves someone better than Mike, I can’t help but ship it.