Put Down The Goon Bag Bc A $26 Aussie Wine Just Won A Top Prize At Europe’s Biggest Vino Comp

a wine from south australia has been declared the award winner at a competition in europe

A budget wine from South Australia has just won a top prize Europe’s biggest vino competition. Thank God. This is exactly the sort of news my bank account needed.

In the 32nd annual running of The MUNDUS VINI Grand International Wine Award, 7,500 wines were sampled in a blind tasting held in Germany.

The best thing about a blind tasting? The judges don’t know how much each wine costs. So technically even a goon bag wine could stand a chance!

Taylors Wines was the label behind the winning vino — a 2022 Jaraman Adelaide Hills and Clare Valley Chardonnay — which took out ” Best of Show Australian White” per the Daily Mail.

According to the grower’s website, the wine costs a grand total of $26 per bottle.

To put into context just how affordable that is — the vintage that won “Best of Show Australian Red”, a 2018 Schubert Estate Goose-Yard Block Shiraz from the Barossa Valley — is priced at a whopping $95 per bottle.

To accompany the bargain price tag, the wine’s tasting notes listed on its website aren’t even that wanky. A true rarity.

“An unusual fusion of Adelaide Hills & Clare Valley resulting in an intensely flavoured, complex yet elegant wine with distinct citrus, white peach & nectarine characters along with a subtle flinty note,” they read.

Aside from “flinty”, I reckon I know what all those words mean!

The managing director at Taylors Wines Mitchell Taylor was eager to flex his wine’s achievement.

“MUNDUS VINI is an intense competition,” he said per the Daily Mail.

“[The competition is] judged by more than 240 wine experts from across 46 nations, so the calibre of judging is incredibly high,’ he said.

Breaking your brain cells while not breaking the bank? Count me in.

Please drink responsibly though, you hooligans.

If you’re keen to sample a vino from Taylors Wines, you can pop down to your local BWS (or should I say, BWYASSS) and snag its 2019 Shiraz.

That particular drop won the trophy for “International Champion” at last year’s VINUS competition so you know you’re in for a good (and cheap) time at $23 a pop.

Chug-a-lug away!