A French Sommelier Has Picked The Best Wines For Aussie Snacks Like Twisties & Oui Oui To This

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A French sommelier from Melbourne à la carte restaurant Society has gone and revealed the best wines to pair with classic Aussie snacks. If you see me chowing down on a packet of Twisties while sipping rosé do NOT judge me. A fancy French guy said it was an exquisite pairing.

The perfect pairings were revealed in a video posted by @lucasrestaurants — who, if you don’t know, is the group behind Melbourne restaurant faves Kisumé, Chin Chin, Grill Americano, Hawker Hall, Society and heaps more. The page often posts different hacks and tips from each of the restaurants, just like this fancy wine pairing vid.

In the TikTok, the sommelier snacks on Twisties, a Salada bickie with Vegemite smeared all over it and a classic snag on a slice of white bread.

I’ve always wanted to know how to make Vegemite just a touch classier. Catch me on the couch enjoying the bougiest Salada bickie in Australia. Délicieuse, as the French would say.


If Bunnings starts selling pinot with their snags… we thought of it first. #Society #Melbourne #Wine #Snacks

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According to the sommelier (in his words we trust), Vegemite would go best with Champagne because of its “freshness and bubbles”. It also pairs well due to the fact Vegemite is often eaten in the morning and the best alcohol to consume early in the day is a bit of Champers Deluxe (as the cool kids say).

He also reckons that Twisties would go down well with some rosé because the cheesiness of the chip-adjacent cheese puff snack would pair well with the fruitiness of the beverage. Consider my mind blown, that makes too much sense. It’s basically like having strawberries and cheddar on a charcuterie board!

And finally, the man of taste believes the classic Aussie meal: a Bunnings snag, pairs best with a beer. Give this man the next Australian of the Year award, he knows what he’s talking about. If beer isn’t for you, he reckons a lovely Pinot noir will go down a treat.

Sitting behind him in the video were some Lamingtons, Tim Tams and Cherry Ripes as well, so I suspect we’ll be blessed with a part two to this video sometime in the future.

Hopefully it comes out soon, I need to know more wine pairings with snacks. This kind of information really tickles my brain.