This New Trivia Game Will Give The So-Called Vino Expert In Your Group A Run For Their Money

kath and kim

If you’re anything like me, your small talk skills have probably diminished over the last two years. While the latest Euphoria ep, COVID and Kanye and Julia Fox‘s latest escapades do serve as great conversation starters, it can all get old pretty dang quickly.

Luckily for all of us brain-fogged heathens, we’ve created a new game that’ll save you from any stale convo at your next party/brunch/picnic/family event. ‘Know Your Sip’ is a brand-spanking-new wine trivia game that’ll test your knowledge of all things vino. It’s perfect for whipping out if you’re in a lull or simply want to give the self-appointed wine expert a run for their money, which is always entertaining.


The questions cover everything from what wines are mentioned in Drake songs to how many grapes it takes to fill a whole bottle of plonk — a vast spectrum of all things born from the grape.

Give it a try if you reckon you know your stuff, or if you simply want to make 2022 the year you learn more about wine than how to hang a bag of it off a clothesline.