A Sydney Store Is Selling Pavlova Lamingtons & It Is The Dessert To End All Desserts

Is there anything more Aussie than a lamington or a pavlova? (New Zealanders do not answer that). Yeah there is and it’s a freaking PAVLOVA LAMINGTON.

Tokyo Lamington in Sydney are offering special Christmas Gift Packs which includes the dessert to end all desserts, the pavlova lamington.

This spin on the Aussie classic is filled with passionfruit curd, raspberry jelly, whipped cream and coated with torched Italian meringue. Get in my gob.

Tokyo Lamington was born in 2019, and since then has been a massive hit for sydney-siders with a sweet tooth. It’s the lovechild of Min Chai (former N2 Extreme Gelato) and Eddie Stewart (former Black Star Pastry), so you know it has to be good.

The gift pack also features a bunch of other delicious lammies, like Rum & Raisin which is filled with rum soaked raisins and dipped in white chocolate and coated with coconut shreds. There is also a Mint Choc Nibs version which is filled with peppermint chocolate cream and cocoa nibs, dipped in dark chocolate sauce and coated with coconut flakes.

The pack will set you back around $23, which is a mighty bargain when you consider how much a chrissy turkey costs.

Everyone knows the best part of Christmas is indeed the dessert, so you’re better off bringing these lamingtons, rather than a Turkey to meet your partners god-awful extended family.

Tokyo Lamington recommends that you pre-order these delectable lamingtons, as they’re predicted to sell out.

You can pre-order these little guys from December 1, which also happens to be the first day that it’s appropriate for stores to play Christmas music, and the official day that people put their Chrissy trees up (do not fight me on that).

If a different flavoured lamington is more your jam (pun intended), then you can also opt for some of their other varieties, like: Fairy Bread Popcorn, Yuzu Meringue, Ferero Reveal, Rose & Strawberry, Black Sesame, Halo Halo and Thai Milk Tea.

Pre-order the Tokyo Lamington Christmas Pack here.