Tim Tam Is Sending 100 ‘Ultimate Indulgence Kits’ To Aussies Stuck Overseas For Christmas

Tim Tam

Tim Tam will be celebrating the holiday season with an extra helping of kindness this year, offering to send care packages to Aussies who are still stuck overseas via a competition. The comp to get your loved one a chocolatey care package will officially close on the 20th of November.

According to the ABC, over 23,000 Aussies are stuck overseas and want to return back home, which is what inspired Tim Tam to create their care package idea for Chrissie, with 100 goodie bags up for grabs in total.

Inside each of the packages, aptly titled the Tim Tam Ultimate Indulgence Kit will be (obviously) a pack of Tim Tams original biscuits wrapped in Christmas wrap, a reusable hot beverage cup so your loved ones can do the Tim Tam slam, a chocolate-scented candle (holy fuck yes please) and some cute little Tim Tam socks, just in case they’re having a wintery Christmas where they are.

All we’ve got to do to get our loved ones a care package is write a comment on the Tim Tam Facebook or Instagram with the username of our loved one who will be spending Christmas elsewhere, and also write a little note as to why they deserve the package. (Obviously everyone deserves some Tim Tams in their life, but hey, competition is what competition does.)

“The holidays are a time when we’re usually able to connect with our families and indulge in our favourite treats. Unfortunately, there are those who are unable to make it back to Australia this year and are feeling homesick,” said Matt Grant, Marketing Manager for Tim Tam.

“Aussies love a Tim Tam for its indulgent taste, but also because our biscuits remind them of home. So, we hope that by fulfilling a few treat-sized wishes, we’re able to help those who are afar feel more connected to their loved ones this festive season.”

Can’t help but stan that giving sentiment.

Entry to the competition is only open to Australian and New Zealand residents aged 16 years or over, and naturally, you need to actually have a relative stuck outside of Australia on Christmas to enter.