I Taste-Tested *Those* Scone Tim Tams & They’re The Lovechild Of Vovos & Shortbread Creams

tim tam scone

A few short weeks ago, the bikkie gods at Arnott’s cheekily teased us with the idea of scone-flavoured Tim Tams as part of some British-inspired joke flavours, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t dreamed of them ever since.

In case you missed it, Arnott’s teased scotch egg, fish and chips, bangers and mash and jam and cream scone-flavoured Tim Tams last month, asking fans of the Aussie-favourite biscuit to choose their fighter. Although the idea of a fish and chip-flavoured biscuit makes me *slightly* want to vomit in my own mouth, jam and cream scone Tim Tams sounded bloody delicious.

As somebody who believes in the power of manifestation, I made it my new mission in life to get my hands on these delicious-looking bikkies after the team at Weekend Sunrise had a taste test. Thanks to whichever god is in charge of granting my manifestation wishes, it worked and a few short days later, I’m sitting here with a whole packet of Tim Tams in my grubby, little hands.

To quote our lord and saviour Lizzie McGuire, this is what dreaaaaaaaaaams are made of.

this is what dreams are made of gif
Me opening the packet of Tim Tams

I consider myself quite the biscuit expert (a cookie connoisseur, if you will), so the standards were pretty high. I love a Monte Carlo, I would quite literally sell my soul for an Orange Slice and I’ve already decided my first-born child will be named “Kingston”.

Upon first glance, they look nearly identical to the stock-standard white chocolate Tim Tams, which feels pretty ~on brand~ for a scone-flavoured treat.

After quickly demolishing an entire packet (for research purposes, obviously), I’m convinced it is indeed a white-choc coating, and not a scone-flavoured cream. I don’t have an ingredients list to confirm that, but either way, delicious.

I (a journalist who writes tens of thousands of words per week) am at a complete loss for words when it comes to how good this tastes. No, I’m not just sucking up so Arnott’s keep sending me Tim Tams, these biscuits are really just *that* good.

To be quite honest, these biscuits taste like somebody went absolutely buck-wild in the Arnott’s factory and just combined the best bits of every biscuit.

Imagine: the delicious jam from an Iced Vovo combined with the cream from a shortbread cream, sandwiched between two vanilla biscuits, dipped in white chocolate. Iconic, honestly.

tim tam scones

I don’t think it tastes exactly like a scone, but I’m also a big baby who doesn’t like the chunky jam that regular scones are smothered in. Personally, I’d take a packet of these bad boys over an actual jam and cream scone every day of the week.

If I had to rate it on scone-iness, I’d give it a 7/10, it definitely hits the spot and gives that buttery scone flavour we all know and love. But what it lacks in perfectly matching its inspiration, it more than makes up for in its flavour overall.

To put it simply, this biscuit tastes like somebody combined all the best bits of your childhood biscuit tin and dipped it in white chocolate.

As somebody who is physically incapable of opening a packet of bikkies without demolishing the whole thing, it’s usually pretty hard to pick which flavour I’m going to treat myself to (because we both know I can’t be trusted with a family-sized variety pack). But why have to choose between an Iced Vovo, a Shortbread Cream and a Tim Tam when I can have all three?

There’s still no official word on whether this delicious flavour-bomb will make it to shelves, but if you’re reading this Arnott’s, you know what to do. It’s been a tough year, we could all use a bit of a Jam and Cream Scone Tim Tam, as a treat.