HOLY CRAP: Tim Tams & Gelato Messina Announce Truly God-Level Bikkie Collab

Oh MAN. Oh man oh man oh man. 
Iconic Aussie bikkie Arnott’s Tim Tams are a staple in the pantry (like, how else would you do Tim Tam Slams????), and ice-cream royalty Gelato Messina is commonly known as “The Place Where You’ll Probs Have To Line Up For An Hour Because Their Ice Cream Rules So Much”. 
So the obvious thing for these two Aussie icons to do would be collaborate and mash their delicious biscuits and ice cream together to create delicious ice-cream bikkie babies.
Yep, Tim Tams have announced today that they’ve collaborated with Messina, and are releasing 4 ‘Gelato Messina-inspired’ flavours. 
These flavours include:
    • Choc Mint
    • Black Forest
    • Salted Caramel & Vanilla
    • Coconut & Lychee
The co-founder of Gelato Messina, Declan Lee, says this of the brand-spankin’ new collab:
“When Arnott’s approached us about creating gelato-inspired Tim Tam flavours, it was pretty exciting and quite a privilege.

It was a new challenge for us – making a gelato is one thing – and making a biscuit that tastes like that gelato is another.”
Lee said it was crucial to the company that the biscuits stayed true to Messina’s ethos of quality – being able to taste distinct flavours, made from the best ingredients – and it turns out that’s why Arnott’s kinda went to ’em in the first place:
“We were drawn to the guys from Messina because of their uncompromising commitment to flavours. We’re happy to say this shines through in the biscuits, which taste as good as they sound.”

An ‘uncompromising commitment to flavour‘ – put that on my damn tombstone, tbh. 
The biscuits are gonna be on supermarket shelves from February 6th, fam!
Source: Supplied.