US Store Trader Joe’s Released Knock Off Tim Tams & It’s Worse Than The American Kath & Kim

Tim Tam

Those who live overseas will know the pain of not having access to our favourite biscuits, like Mint Slices, Monte Carlos, Choc Ripples, Tiny Teddys and of course the beloved Tim Tam.

Well it looks like megastore Trader Joe’s in the US has capitalised on that anguish and have decided to create its own knock off version of the beloved Arnott’s biscuit — Aussie-style Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies. What the actual fuck? It’s almost as bad as when Coles decided to call samosas ‘Indian-style triangles’.

The discovery was made by Australian journalist Jason Wilson, who now resides in Portland.

“Trader Joe, you madman, you did Tim Tams,” he wrote.

PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to Wilson about what he thought of the home brand version of Tim Tams, and surprisingly thought they tasted “European”.

“They may be a little crispier and I think the chocolate is darker and less sweet than a standard Tim Tam – they’re on the continuum between those and dark chocolate Tim Tams,” Wilson said.

“Oddly they make me think of European chocolate wafers? Like the Germans made a Tim Tam.  Closer to that than any US mass market chocolate.”

Look, I’ll be honest, to say its worse than when the US made their own version of Kath & Kim was harsh. I’m sure they actually taste decent. But it’s about the principle. You can’t just knock off Australia’s favourite biscuit? Stock the real thing or rack off, mole.

Australia is great at selling treats from America and the UK. But when is it everyone else’s turn to stock our little treats?

It’s about damn Tim.