Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar, The Brunswick Aces Bar, opens this weekend in Melbourne and my liver, skin and brain cells couldn’t be happier.

Melb residents know there’s no better suburb to host a non-alcoholic bar than Brunswick. I once saw a man riding a penny farthing in Brunny, and I think that says it all really. The bar is located on Weston Street in Brunswick East.

On the menu is zero alcohol beers, wines and spirits, as well as Brunswick Aces Distillery’s signature 0% alcohol gin alternative. Gin without the gin, what a concept!

But if you’re a few non-alcoholic beers down and you crave a taste of the sweet, sweet nector that is alcohol, Brunswick Aces has you covered. The bar offers the singular option of an alcoholic G&T, which is a “cheeky nod” to how limited the options for non-drinkers historically have been. But if you can, try to stick to non-alcoholic drinks as it adds to the overall experience.

There are many reasons why people don’t drink alcohol, whether it be religious, personal or health reasons. But the sober life can be really difficult when Australia has such an ingrained drinking culture. We’re all guilty of giving our mates a hard time if they choose not to drink on a night out. But maybe that culture needs to change?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could support a grog-free friend by going to a non-alcoholic bar, instead of a crusty old pub? Plus half the reason you even go to a bar is to socialise while holding something in your hands so you don’t feel awkward. A non-alcoholic bar can do that too.

“We want to lead the charge by opening The Brunswick Aces Bar and deliver delicious non-alcoholic choices that don’t compromise on taste,” the team behind Brunswick Aces Bar said in a press release.

Let’s hope this is a change that the rest of Australia can get behind.