Here’s All The Bars And Events You Can Hit Up Around The Country To Ring In Aus Cocktail Month


Sipping on a cocktail in some moody bar makes me feel like the classiest broad alive. “Who is she?” people must ponder. Just a mysterious, unique minx out on the town. There may be a bar full of people doing the same thing, but I am the main character here.

Anyhoo. For the month of May, you too can feel your oats as you sip on fancy ~exclusive~ cocktails, all while helping our mates in the hospitality industry. Aren’t you a saint?

As we know, the old spicy cough situation hit hospo hard. Australian Cocktail Month was launched last year to help the industry rebuild after ongoing restrictions and closures continued to pummel venues. In 2021, the event partnered with 72 joints across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide to provide unique cocktail experiences and help the booze industry get back on its feet.

This year, it’s back and way, way bigger. Eight states and territories are in the mix, with the event stretching out to 12 cities. The lineup includes Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Geelong, the Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney and Wollongong. Yes, even The Gong!

You parched people might be wondering how it all works?

All you’ve gotta do is shell out $20 for just one (1) ticket and then you’re bloody sorted for the month. That golden ticket gets you access to special and discounted cocktail concoctions at 145 bars and venues across Australia. Sign me the fuck up.

Each venue has an exclusive international and Australian cocktail (for a noice $14 each for ticketholders). And, for our pals who are booze-free or trying to cut down on their drinking, you’ve got options! The menu your special ticket unlocks also has an alcohol-free or low alcohol bevvy on it for $10.

You can get your gob around a limited-edition cocktail between May 1st and 31st. Get a taste of what’s on offer in some highlights below, but cop the full list of participating venues, here.

Jangling Jacks – Sydney

Endless Summer (International cocktail)
Tall, refreshing and everything summer is about. A fun and easy going cocktail, featuring Malfy Limone Gin and Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water.

Sister Rosetta (Australian cocktail)
A sweet and savoury twist on a classic Gibson. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a martini – featuring Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin.

Rebel Rebel (No/low cocktail)
Lyre’s Agave Blanco Spirit with charred pineapple and jalapeno syrup, finished with citrus and a salt rim.

Ends and Means – Melbourne

Sugar (International cocktail)
For lovers of all things sweet and frosty, this frozen Banana Colada is dangerously easy to drink. Featuring Diplomatico Rum and Monin Banana Puree.

Spice (Australian cocktail)
A spicy affair for those who savour that which is most savoury. Featuring Karu Morita Chipotle Vodka and Fever-Tree Blood Orange Soda.

All things nice (No/low cocktail)
A non-alcoholic, blueberry-infused riff on our famous Hookey’s Margarita featuring Lyre’s Agave Reserva Spirit.

Frog’s Hollow – Brisbane

Soft Rock (International cocktail)
Our twist on the Rob Roy. Balvenie 12, pioneer of the double ageing process and Sherry Barrel maturation gets lengthened and sweetened perfectly by Dubonnet and Plum.

Midnight Tonic (Australian cocktail)
Sweet Coffee, tempered quinine and nostalgic popcorn. An odd mix, but combine Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, and Monin Popcorn Syrup, serve it up in a highball and you’ll certainly be revived if you’re up late.

Ginger Spice (No/low cocktail)
A cure all for those not requiring a cure. No hangover? That’s cool, keep it up by drinking the Ginger Spice. Lyre’s Non-Alc Spirits provides classic Amaretti flavours without the booze; Ginger, Lemon and Pineapple will make Dry July seem a lot sooner.

Motherlode – Adelaide

Omar Navarro (International cocktail)
Strong, ruthless but sweet. These words can describe both Omar Navarro as well as his cocktail namesake. The perfect combination of bitterness and sweet define this cocktail’s bold flavour, perfect to get the party started. Featuring Patron Anejo Tequila and Fever-Tree Blood Orange Soda.

Piña Picante (Australian cocktail)
Sweet and spicy is the only way to describe this fiery cocktail. We combine the smokey spicy flavours of Karu distillery’s Marita chipotle flavoured vodka with the sweet caramelised flavours of pineapple to create the Piña Picante.

Life in Pink (No/low cocktail)
See beauty in everyday with a sober and clear head with this refreshing cocktail. Combing the floral notes of the rose Monin syrup with the sweet and herbaceous flavours in the Lyres spirits, all whilst contrasting with the spice from Mischief Brew’s ginger ale. La Vie en Rose.

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Foxtrot Unicorn – Perth

Strawberry Gum Gimlet (International cocktail)
A soft and subtle aroma of native strawberry gum and tropical sweetness. Refreshing tones of cucumber and fresh citrus. A lovely balance of sweet and tartness in this classic twist – featuring Hendricks Gin.

Basking in the desert (Australian cocktail)
A refreshing highball highlighting all of our best native ingredients. Subtle yet flavour forward, light bitterness with a flavour bomb of kakadu plum and quandong. Featuring Feels Botanical Eau De Vie Bask – hemp, quandong & kakadu plum and Saint Felix – Bitter Citrus Aperitivo.

Party Time Spritz (No/low cocktail)
Light in booze, heavy with flavour, this floral and tasty spritz will make you think twice about if it is truly non-alcoholic. Light sweetness with botanical floral notes and soft aperitif bitterness makes this a great no-nonsense spritz to start your evening off. Featuring Lyre’s Italian Spritz and Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water.

Charlie’s of Darwin – Darwin

GG Lemongrass Martini (International cocktail)
Wild strawberries meeting a touch of lemongrass for a citrus twist. Mixed with our homemade vermouth and finished with a waft of absinth for an extra kick – featuring Grey Goose Essence – Strawberry and Lemongrass.

Pepper Moon Sour (Australian cocktail)
A dance of flavours with the Prohibition Moonlight Gin providing notes of pink lady apple with native blood limes, combining a home-made Sichuan pepper syrup that amplifies the spice notes of the gin into gorgeously pink gin sour.

The Salty Lyre’s (No/low cocktail)
A uniquely refreshing non alcoholic twist on the Italian spritz. Combining the bittersweet orange flavours and the tartness of grapefruit with salted grapefruit soda is ideal for sipping during those warm afternoons in the Top End – featuring Lyre’s Italian Spritz.

Rude Boy – Hobart

Valkyrie (International cocktail)
Stirred down, booze forward and a perfect night cap, featuring Glenfiddich 12 Whisky.

East bound & down (Australian cocktail)
Fun, funky and refreshing, featuring Needle and Pin Summer Sessions Gin and Saint Felix – Bitter Citrus Aperitivo.

American Pie (No/low cocktail)
Tall, refreshing and no abv (no alcohol by volume), featuring Lyre’s Amaretti.

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Cheers, you classy folks.