It’s been six long, delicious tube-less years, but it’s finally happening – Tasty Toobs are coming back into our lives and grubby little hands. Thank god we’re finally getting some good news amongst all the mess and chaos of everything happening in Australia right now. We need this, it might just be the orange-tinted glow of light at the end of the crunchy, air-puffed tunnel.

Toobs (arguably one of the best snackies that we’ve been gifted in this cursed existence) slipped off shelves in 2001, returned for a stint in 2007, and honestly it feels like I haven’t had one of those tomato-flavoured tiny tubes pass my lips in forever.

It’s nearly been long enough that the taste of these glorious delights has abandoned me, the zing has just about left my tastebuds. A damn shame.

In that time, tens of thousands of toobular fans have rallied hard and long (read: joined and posted in Facebook groups) to demand their beloved snacks be returned tout suite.

It took a few years, a lot of yelling, and plenty of questions of “Hey, anyone remember Toobs? When are they coming back?” but fruits of their labours are finally about to be harvested, packaged, and gobbled down by the handful.

The prodigal toobs are coming back very soon, restoring a sense of stability and balance to the snack aisle once again. Confirmed by chip kings Smiths, packs of the popular provisions are set to hit shelves from Tuesday, July 27, in two (2) sizes – a not-for-sharing 35g, and an also-not-for-sharing 150g.

Bloody hell, someone get Shane Warne on the phone, he can finally go back to his tweet from six years ago and get some closure on his mission to get Toobs back.

From next Tuesday you’ll be able to find the toob dudes in your local 7-Eleven, and following that they’ll be popping into supermarkets, servos, convenience stores (and any other place that would normally deal out chippies) from Monday, August 2.

My mouth’s watering just thinking about those tasty, tubular bastards.