Anyone who’s either been to the US in the past coupla years will have no doubt sucked the absolute dick off an icy cold can of La Croix. Probably from a Whole Foods. Probably while also balancing an obscenely large thing of fresh sushi or a buffalo chicken salad or something.

The point is, the US fizzy drink has attained cult favourite status by Seppos and visitors alike in recent times. The convenient and delicious flavoured mineral water concoction is notable for a) being yum, and b) impelling you to clear the shelves of it after sipping just one can.

Are they currently the subject of a lawsuit alleging the drink uses a raft of synthetic chemicals, including one that molecularly similar to a cockroach insecticide? Maybe. But consider this: It’s an American product. Of course it contains bung chemicals. But it taste’s like Jesus’s dick, so who honestly cares?

Folks in Australia have been clamouring for a way to get their hands on the fizzy good time juice on familiar shores for a while now, and finally their long wait is over. La Croix is available on Australian soil.

But only in really specific place.

The glorious Redfern Convenience Store in inner-Sydney has apparently done the hard yards and brought a big heap of the good stuff to its heaving shelves.

The store’s sage proprietor Hazem Sedda managed to secure the order from the beverage’s US supplier, National Beverage, in a process that took two months to clear and ship the order.

Already demand for the drink has driven the store to cease selling it in cases, reverting to single cans only, with another shipment not due until the end of spring.

Reportedly, all the major flavours are represented on the shelves (save for Pamplemousse, soz grapefruit fans). But stock only lasts as long as it can, as with all things retail. So if you’re keen to snap the top off a can of Uncle Sam’s Tasty Bubbles, you might want to get in quick.

Source: Uproxx
Image: Getty Images / Randy Shropshire