A Syd Restaurant Is Officially The World’s Most Instagrammed Venue So RIP Finding A Parking Spot

Sydney restaurant the grounds

A worldwide study of Instagram hashtags has given a Sydney restaurant the title of the world’s most Instagrammed eatery, beating out big US and UK hitters in process.

If your pick was Bondi Icebergs, then sorry but you’re a few suburbs off. The winner is of course the highly photogenic Sydney restaurant and hotpsot The Grounds of Alexandria.

I definitely could have picked this, given the diabolical parking situation and hordes of camera phone-wielding tourists everywhere you turn. But to be fair, the place is bloody gorgeous, with something cute and ‘grammable everywhere you turn.

Known for its epic seasonal installations, The Grounds of Alexandria also changes it up constantly, meaning you can’t just go to this Sydney restaurant once and say you’ve seen it all. They really want you to keep coming back and taking even more bloody photos. My iPhone 12 storage could NEVER.

For reasons (?), betting company Betway commissioned the study, which analysed the amount of hashtags used on Instagram based on a seedlist of 100 popular worldwide restaurants.

The Grounds was the clear global champ, with the Sydney restaurant copping an eye-watering 120,440 hashtags from Instagram users. That’s head and shoulders above second-place winner Sketch, with the millennial pink-hued London venue only managing 94,098 hashies.

With its 120K+ hashtags, it basically doubled third-placed Nobu, with the Los Angeles hotspot racking up 66,092 hashtags.

Paris’ Pink Mamma (29,242 hashtags) came in fourth, while New York City could only manage a paltry eighth with its restaurant Le Coucou (15,898 hashtags).

While it’s nice that The Grounds reigned victorious — especially for competitive Sydney vs Melbourne types — it’s not known how many other Australian restaurants were included in the 100-strong seedlist that was analysed.

Was Melbourne’s iconic Lonsdale Street Macca’s robbed of this illustrious crown in favour of a Sydney restaurant? We’ll never know.