A List Of The Top 50 Most Insta-Worthy Neighbourhoods Is Here & Sydney Tops Melbourne For Once

most instagrammed neighbourhoods sydney melbourne

Friends, it’s that time of year again when everyone and their cat decides to make lists about which neighbourhood is better than the rest. This time we’re looking at a brand new 2021 list of the most Insta-worthy neighbourhoods in the world, and surprisingly, Australia appears twice.

The data was collated by UK-based company Stokemont.com, and reveals to us the top 50 Instagram-worthy cities and neighbourhoods based on how frequently location hashtags and tags are being used.

First, the company made a big old list of neighbourhoods that people adore from sources like Complex, Timeout and Forbes, and then popped on over to Instagram to seek the data that makes up this competitive list.

But hey, you’re not here for facts, you’re here to see how badly Sydney kicked Melbourne’s ass into tomorrow, aren’t ya?

sydney melbourne instagrammable cities neighbourhoods
The 2nd Most Instagrammed City, Shinjuku Tokyo (Pic: Luciano Mortula)

Here are the 50 most Instagrammed neighbourhoods in the entire world, apparently:

  1. Wynwood (Miami) – 3.8m Tags
  2. Shinjuku (Tokyo) – 2.7m Tags
  3. Astoria (New York) – 1.9m Tags
  4. Pretoria (South Africa) – 1.4m Tags
  5. Silver Lake (Los Angeles) – 1.4m Tags
  6. Hongdae (Seoul) – 1m Tags
  7. Champs-Elysées (Paris) – 1m Tags
  8. Burano (Venice) – 1m Tags
  9. Chefchaouen (Northwest Morocco) – 861k Tags
  10. Surry Hills (Sydney) – 561k Tags
  11. 11. Centrum (warsaw) – 557k Tags
  12. Nakameguro (Tokyo) – 512k Tags
  13. Brera (Milan) 478k
  14. Peckham (London) 424k
  15. Arnavutköy (Istanbul) 376k
  16. Vesterbro (Copenhagen) 352k
  17. Thonglor (Bangkok) 298k
  18. Lombard Street (San Fransisco) 285k
  19. Yarraville, (Melbourne) 236k
  20. Old Havana (Ciudad de La Habana) 204k
  21. Kallio (Helsinki) 191k
  22. Lijiang, (Yunnan Provnice) 187k
  23. Kolonaki (Athens) 154k
  24. Maboneng (Jhannesburg) 146k
  25. Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen Island) 133k
  26. Narvarte (Mexico City) 132k
  27. Corktown (Detroit) 119k
  28. Tiong Bahru (Bukit Merah) 110k
  29. Porta Venezia (Milan) 94.7k
  30. Sham Shui Po (Kowloon) 93.6k
  31. Verdun (Quebec) 79.1k
  32. Alvalade (Lisbon) 72.6k
  33. Water Street, (Brooklyn) 61.3k
  34. Ladbroke Grove (London) – 55.3k Tags
  35. Setenil de las Bodegas, (Cádiz) – 50.8k Tags
  36. Mariahilfer-Strasse (Vienna) – 46.6k Tags
  37. Sinsa-dong (Seoul) – 40k Tags
  38. Gemmayze (Beirut) – 39.1k Tags
  39. The Shambles, (York) – 38.3k Tags
  40. Stnoeybatter (Dublin) – 21.4k Tags
  41. Zhoushan (Province of Zhejiang) – 18.1k Tags
  42. The Philosopher’s Path (Kyoto) – 15.4k Tags
  43. La Boca,( Buenos Aires) – 13.6k Tags
  44. Zeeburg (North Holland) – 11.3k Tags
  45. Gongguan ( Zhongzheng and Daan Districts ) – 9.5k Tags
  46. Historic Filipinotown (Los Angeles) – 6.1k Tags
  47. Rua do Bom Jesus (Recife Antigo) – 6k Tags
  48. Taman Paramount (Selangor) – 2.8k Tags
  49. Business Bay (Downtown Dubai) – 1.7k Tags
  50. Onikan (Lagos) – 1.4k Tags

So there you have it, the most Instagrammed neighbourhoods in the world. Melbourne was sitting pretty at number 19 on the list with Yarraville, which receives a total of 236k tags on the ‘gram.

Yes, Melburnians, that’s below Sydney. Below it. We win. And with Surry Hills of all places.

Here’s a cute pic of Surry Hills, just in case you weren’t familiar.

And here’s its rival Yarraville.

I am absolutely screaming at the idea of Surry Hills of all places being like two spots away from the fkn Champs-Elysées of all places. Sure they may have the Arc de Triomphe, but we have Surry Hills Messina, so who is really winning here?

sydney melbourne instagrammable cities neighbourhoods
So Business Bay Is 4th From The Bottom And It Looks Like THIS?? (Pic: Leonid Andronov)

Now if you need me I’m going to go see what the hell people are taking pictures of in Surry Hills.