Stolen Grounds of Alexandria Lamb, Kevin Bacon Found On Victorian Farm

A pig aptly-named Kevin Bacon and a l’il lamb named Bradley who hold court in the highly-hashtaggable petting zoo at bucolic Sydney café The Grounds of Alexandria and who earlier this month were stolen along with our hearts have been found alive and relatively well on a farm across the border in Victoria. 

Late last night The Grounds announced on their Facebook page that they had been contacted over the weekend by the owner of an animal shelter in Goongerah, some ten hours drive from The Grounds in country Victoria, who stated she’d “received a pig and lamb.” According to The Grounds, Kevin was ill and “both animals have now been taken care of on location at the veterinary clinic in Orbost due to Kevin recovering from anxiety and an infection, which developed during his capture. Bradley is in good health.” 
The ABC are reporting that CCTV footage of the October 7th incident showed a woman and two men breaking into the agrarian-chic complex and stealing the pets from their al fresco abode. Plans have been put in motion for both animals to undergo safe transit back to their home in Sydney, where security measures have been implemented to ensure that such grand theft (and wild interstate adventure) never occurs again.
On October 18th, Kevin Bacon turned one. 
Happy birthday and welcome home, Kevin Bacon.